Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 476 - The Emperor Has Grown Bold

In Southern Glory Empire, the leaders of the four major families had positions in court, and had to attend the grand audience.

The leader of the Bai family had two daughters, and one of them had sacrificed her own life to save Prince Zi.

He had thought that Prince Zi would take care of his family, but Prince Zi disfigured his other daughter over a random woman.

The leader of the Bai family was too infuriated to let it go, and this was the best time to get back at Prince Zi.

Provoked, the emperor slapped the throne and said, “Who says that he’ll be the crown prince? He’s already so arrogant when I’m still on the throne? I won’t let things go his way.”

Flying into a rage, the emperor stood up and stormed off.

The ministers were left behind as they looked at each other and didn’t know what to do.

Ye Huai glanced at the leader of the Bai family, but felt slightly confused himself.

What was wrong with Prince Zi? Why wasn’t he here when he was about to be named crown prince?

He had waited for this for years.

Now, the emperor had been given an excuse to postpone the naming of the crown prince.

After the audience, Ye Huai had no time to criticize the leader of the Bai family. Instead, he went to Prince Zi’s house in a hurry.

Feng Qingtian not attending the morning audience today had given the emperor a great opportunity.

It was possible for the emperor to live another one or two hundred years, and to remain on the throne during that time.

If that was the case, the only way to get the throne was to usurp it. Though it was unlikely to fail, it would tarnish Prince Zi’s reputation.

After Ye Huai arrived at Prince Zi’s house, Qin Shou shook his head at him. “The princess is still feeling uncomfortable. My lord has no time for anything else. It’s partly my fault too. I forgot to report it to His Majesty.”

“It’s useless to discuss whose fault it is now. I can see that the emperor is unwilling to give up the throne. He’s using this just as an excuse. I wonder who made him so bold.”

“That’s fine. My lord definitely has a solution.”

Qin Shou wasn’t anxious at all. If the emperor was determined to make mistakes, he was free to, but he would never get the chance to cultivate into a deity.

Ye Huai wasn’t as optimistic.

The emperor had always seemed sensible, but not this time.

Had he really found backing, to make him grow so bold?

Ye Huai was so anxious that he was of a mind to discuss it with Feng Qingtian immediately. It was a national affair.

Men should be more concerned about national affairs than issues at home.

Gu Bailu was uncomfortable and dizzy as she reacted to the Dragon Spirit Blood, and she wasn’t herself for a whole day.

Feng Qingtian simply kept her company. He didn’t go anywhere and stopped anyone from approaching her.

Late at night, Gu Bailu finally seemed her regular self, and she fell into a light sleep.

Feng Qingtian smiled helplessly and finally walked out of the room.

In the corridor, he found Ye Huai sleeping there with a blanket in his arms.

Feng Qingtian kicked him and said, “Go back to your own house. Why are you waiting outside my room with a blanket?”

Ye Huai immediately woke up from his nap. “My lord, this is huge. Hurry up and go explain to the emperor so that he can’t punish you.”

“I just missed a grand audience. Is he very angry?”

Feng Qingtian was slightly confused that Ye Huai would wait late into the night just to persuade him to explain himself.