Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 475 - Prince Zi Missed the Grand Audience

She would be fine after she endured the heat.

“How long is this going to last?”

Feng Qingtian was unhappy. Is there nothing you can do to ease the discomfort?

Are you really the best doctor in the world?

“I don’t know. If it’s quick, she’ll be fine tomorrow, but if it takes a while, it may be days or a fortnight, depending on how well the princess’s body can adapt.”

Basically, his conclusion meant nothing.

“Can you make some pills to suppress the discomfort?” Feng Qingtian was even more miserable than Gu Bailu was.

“No, if it’s suppressed, she can’t grow a spirit root. This is a necessary step for her cultivation. She won’t be able to train later if she can’t endure this.”

Mr. Xiao walked away after making that remark.

Cultivation was a dull process for the people of this world, and every level-up was painful.

Every level-up was as miserable as a near-death experience.

In order to reach the next tier, one had to level up twenty times. Thus, Gu Bailu would suffer numerous times later, and medicine couldn’t help her every time.

Feng Qingtian wasn’t aware of that since cultivation was easy for him, and he had jumped to the peak without any trouble.

If he wanted to climb upward, he would have to train in seclusion for a hundred years to become a deity.

But that wasn’t the path he wanted to take.

So, he didn’t quite know how other people cultivated. If he had known that cultivation was so painful, he wouldn’t have let Gu Bailu grow a spirit root.

“H- honey, don’t worry about me. I can endure this as long as the baby isn’t affected.”

When her family was wiped out and her master wasn’t around, she buried all of her family members in grief and survived all the lonely, agonizing nights on her own.

So, she could certainly deal with this minor physical suffering.

She couldn’t give up on herself just because Feng Qingtian liked her.

No matter how nice he was to her, she had to grow stronger herself.

If the gap between the both of them grew wider and wider, it would be impossible for them to be truly together.

She wanted to be someone who stood by his side, not someone who hid under his wing forever.

Feng Qingtian stayed with her the whole night without sleep, and Gu Bailu passed out later. She kept rolling around in discomfort.

There was supposed to be a grand audience in the day, but Feng Qingtian had no time for that as he was too concerned about Gu Bailu’s health.

He even forgot to send someone to inform the court.

So, Feng Qingtian wasn’t present at the grand audience at all.

The royal decree about the emperor’s heir had been composed, but how could it be issued when the heir wasn’t present?

“What happened to Prince Zi? Why is he not at the grand audience? I told him yesterday that I would be establishing him as the crown prince today, and he’s not coming?” The emperor flew into a rage.

Immediately, the participants in the audience apologized on Feng Qingtian’s behalf and asked him to calm down.

“Your Majesty, Prince Zi must have something important to attend to.”

“Is there anything more important than deciding the heir of this country?” The emperor was even more furious.

The man said again, “Please don’t be angry, Your Majesty. Since you’ve always spoiled Prince Zi, he might think that he doesn’t have to be present at this audience since he will surely be made the crown prince.”