Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 474 - Do You Want Another Cup, Princess?

After she drank it, Gu Bailu felt much more energetic.

She wondered if it was only a psychological effect, because Feng Qingtian had no such reaction; it was as if he had just been drinking water.

“Do you want another cup, princess?” asked Qian’er with a smile.

Gu Bailu asked her curiously, “Aren’t you worried about blood loss? You’re pregnant.”

“I’m not. I’m already used to it. I can give up to ten times this amount of blood each day and still live,” Qian’er’s voice was hoarse but obviously sad.

As a human being, she certainly didn’t want to be a blood vessel.

“Has your voice always been this way, or did you…” It really didn’t fit her image.

“I was poisoned before.” Qian’er chuckled. “Is my voice very unpleasant?”

“Not exactly, but it doesn’t quite mesh with your appearance.”

“That’s not bad. At least, I sound tougher than I am.” Qian’er smiled. “Do you want another cup, princess?”

Gu Bailu shook her head. “I just want to grow a spirit root. I’m not thirsty. You better pay more attention to yourself since you’re pregnant.”

Qian’er nodded. “You can come to me whenever you need me. Although I don’t know what the Dragon Spirit Blood can be used for, I know that it’s a lifesaver. I’m told that somebody else in this house is on the brink of death. I can help her if necessary.”

“We can talk about that later. I’ll ask the butler to arrange a better room for you…”

“That’s unnecessary. This place is fine. I can do some chores since I’ve got nothing to do.”

“You’re pregnant. You don’t need to do anything. This house can function without your help. You can get some rest.”

Gu Bailu left the room holding Feng Qingtian’s hand, and Qian’er didn’t look away until they disappeared into the dark.

Princess Zi was much luckier than she was despite the fact that they were both women.

Princess Zi was also kind enough to take her in when she was helpless.

Gu Bailu didn’t have any adverse reaction after drinking the Dragon Spirit Blood. Her body felt light, and she fell asleep as soon as her head hit her pillow.

But at midnight, her body suddenly turned uncomfortably hot. She felt that something was creeping all over her uncontrollably.

Unable to tolerate it anymore, she sat up, and Feng Qingtian woke up as well. “What’s wrong, Lulu?”

“Hot. I’m so hot. Something is running inside me!” Gu Bailu slapped her arms, feeling as if worms were wriggling inside.

“Don’t slap them, Lulu, they’re red.” Feng Qingtian hugged her in his arms, only to feel that she was like a burning furnace.

He hurriedly covered her with a cloak and carried her outside.

The guards asked, “My lord, what’s wrong?”

“Go and bring Mr. Xiao and Qian’er here.”

Gu Bailu’s reaction had to be because of the Dragon Spirit Blood she ingested today.

The wind was chilly in the cold night. Feng Qingtian had taken Gu Bailu outside so that she could cool down.

“How are you, Lulu? Are you fine? Is it less hot now?” Feng Qingtian wiped her sweat and asked.

“B- better. Don’t worry too much. I’m probably growing the spirit root.”