Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 472 - Do You Have a Plan?

Gu Bailu nodded. “Of course, but they’re going to take a long, long detour…”

“Exactly how long is this detour?” asked Ye Huai solemnly.

“Five times longer than the journey is supposed to be,” Gu Bailu said after thinking for a moment.

Feng Qingtian: “…”

Ye Huai: “…”

Feng Qingtian pulled her onto his lap and asked, “Then, do you know how long this journey is supposed to take?”

Gu Bailu shook her head. “I don’t know. I don’t even know what the map is for. Is it for a great treasure? An ultimate elixir or some martial arts?”

“It’s supposed to take half a year. The Heavenly Star Map navigates the path from the human world to the fiend realm. The Archfiend is planning to return to his realm.”

Gu Bailu’s eyes bulged. “If he returns to the fiend realm, wouldn’t we be unable to get back at him?”

“That’s not necessarily the case. He’ll be back for other pieces of the Sky Splitting Mirror. However, if he returns to the fiend realm, he may initiate another invasion of the human world, which could be tricky.”

“Then we have to kill him before he returns to the field realm!”

Ye Huai was lost for words. “Princess, he is the Archfiend. How can we kill him as human beings?”

“Who says that human beings can’t kill him? Human beings can fight the heavens…”

Feng Qingtian nodded. “Lulu is right. He’s just the Archfiend. It’s not easy to kill him, but it isn’t too hard to wound and cripple him.”

“Then what’s your plan?” Seeing how confident they were, Ye Huai felt that they must have a plan.

“There’s no plan for now. I have to cultivate first. They’re going to waste a lot of time traveling anyway. Hehe.”

Ye Huai didn’t know what to say. Princess, you’re truly bold when you’re so weak.

Those who don’t know you might really be deceived.

“Let’s talk about it later. You can go back now.” Now that Feng Qingtian had dismissed him, Ye Huai had to leave.

Outside the study, he saw Qin Shou, who was guarding the door, and asked curiously, “There’s something that I want to know.”

“General Ye, you can ask me anything, and I’ll do my best to answer,” said Qin Shou diffidently.

“The former princess was kicked out and cut off from the prince, but why is she so cherished again now? Isn’t the prince too fickle?”

Ye Huai found it impossible to understand Feng Qingtian, who seemed to be in love with multiple women.

Who said that the man was loyal and committed?

He had begun to question the nature of love because of that.

“You might not know this, but it was only for show when my lord kicked the former princess out. He can never get away from her. As for the woman on the bed, she was just a sacrifice.”

“What do you mean? Tell me about it. What have you been keeping from me?”

Qin Shou whispered something to him and said, “You have to keep it a secret. Something might happen if those above us learn of this.”

Those two were truly bold to try and trick the heavens.

Ye Huai looked at the sky and shuddered. He resolved to visit Prince Zi’s house less often.

Tomorrow, he would volunteer to fetch the treasures that were in the ocean, in case he was struck by lightning when he was with Prince Zi.