Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 470 - The Woman With Dragon Spirit Blood

Gu Bailu would recognize the visitor no matter what she was wearing, because she was too beautiful.

Nan Ningxin was also beautiful, and could pretend to be someone who was weak and needed to be cared for, but she wasn’t as inherently gentle as this girl.

Gu Bailu had never considered herself ugly, but her face didn’t evoke pity the way this girl’s face did.

Yan Anchun’s face was impeccable, but if she stood next to this girl, this girl would definitely draw more attention.

She wasn’t aggressively beautiful, but cute and soft. Everybody would feel that they should cherish her when they saw her.

She was slim, and even though she was pregnant, her slightly protruding belly didn’t affect her body figure at all.

The girl’s smile was as sweet as marshmallow, and when she furrowed her brow, there was no one who wouldn’t feel sorry for her.

Alas… This attractive woman was a thief.

Gu Bailu always considered herself a keen observer, but she had been tricked by this girl.

Without Feng Qingtian and Gu Yunjing’s help, she might have been killed by the Nether King.

Therefore, she would never forgive this girl, whatever her reason.

The girl knelt before her with such strong determination on her face, as if she were on a suicide mission.

“I’m here to ask for your forgiveness. Back then, I only wanted to protect the Supreme Badge, which would’ve been found if it was on me, but I didn’t think that they would track you down so quickly. I didn’t mean to cause you any trouble. If you’re still angry, you can punish me.”

The girl seemed soft and gentle, but her voice was low, hoarse and somewhat deep.

It was quite jarring, given her appearance.

Gu Bailu was angry at first, but she almost jumped to her feet at the girl’s action. “Don’t kneel to me. It’s too late. Ah Luo would’ve been killed because of you if I didn’t have someone to help me; you can’t make up for it by kneeling.”

“I know that I caused you trouble. There’s nothing I can do except offer my body, which might be of some use. So…”

Gu Bailu’s eyes widened. “You think I’m interested in your body?”

You do look pretty, but you’re still pregnant. You can’t serve anybody at this point.

The girl raised her head with a smile. “Don’t misunderstand me, princess. You may be uninterested in my body, but you’ll like my blood. The Nether King wants me back precisely because of that.”

“W- What do you mean? Can your blood revive the dead?”

“I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of Dragon Spirit Blood, but I have it.” The girl looked at her with her charming eyes.

Gu Bailu almost turned numb at the look in her eyes, which were as clear, deep and enchanting as a lake.

Dragon Spirit Blood!

Feng Qingtian had just told her about Dragon Spirit Blood today, and it was already here?

“You have Dragon Spirit Blood?” Gu Bailu was overjoyed.

She had planned to give this girl a lecture, let Ah Luo beat her up to vent her fury, and then send the girl back to the Nether King.