The woman was neither deprecating nor arrogant in her manner.

“I certainly have enough respect for Lady Murong. I just didn’t know that Lady Murong would invite such a useless person.” The change in the manager’s attitude was obvious.

As a businessman, he certainly wouldn’t infuriate the powerful.

Nan Ningxin smiled. “Only experts were invited in past years, but we decided to entertain more people this year.”

She smiled in the most comforting way.

People in the hall had been feeling moody about Gu Bailu, but they were relieved after Nan Ningxin’s explanation.

She was certainly great at persuasion.

Gu Bailu looked at her with a casual smile, as if she didn’t understand what she meant.

Wasn’t the woman saying that she had been invited to make everyone else feel better about themselves?

Gu Bailu never wanted to come at all!

Suddenly, her bracelet glittered and shivered. Gu Bailu yelled, “Calm down. Why are you in such a hurry?”

“How can I calm down when I see that bi*ch Nan Ningxin living such a good life?”

The ghost wasn’t as calm as before and almost charged out in agitation.

They were certainly enemies.

Gu Bailu raised her head and saw Nan Ningxin standing before her. She was tall, and the bottom of her dress flowed splendidly along the ground.

The high heels on her feet didn’t seem to belong to this world.

Gu Bailu frowned. Why was the woman dressed like this?

However, even she had to admit that the outfit highlighted her elegance and beauty.

It was unforgettable.

No wonder Murong Huangtang was unwilling to believe that she was guilty. Even Gu Bailu couldn’t tell that the woman was a bad person from her looks.

Generally speaking, people with such an appearance truly had an innocent heart.

“It must be your first time at the Murong family, Miss Gu. I can show you around.” Nan Ningxin looked at her in concern.

Gu Bailu had encountered a lot of such kindness before, but the accompanying acting skills had been much worse.

If Gu Bailu hadn’t met Murong Lanyi before this, she might have believed the beauty in front of her.

This white lotus 1 was an upgraded version… White lotus PLUS!

“That’ll be great.” Gu Bailu accepted the offer and stood up in delight. “Please lead the way, Miss Nan.”

Nan Ningxin smiled. “You can call me Miss Murong. I grew up with my grandparents after I lost my parents. People prefer to call me that, too.”


This white lotus plus had abandoned her own family name to please the Murongs.

It was obvious that everybody treated her as a lady of the Murong family in return; they didn’t show her any disrespect even though she was technically an outsider.

Now that Murong Lanyi had eloped with someone, the Murongs regarded this granddaughter as their treasure.

With the Murong family’s status and Nan Ningxin’s own abilities, her future was nothing but promising.

“They truly revere you. How I envy you.”

A lot of people stopped to greet Miss Murong before stepping aside to clear the way for her as they left the hall.

“That’s right. Only after you’re strong enough can you live like a decent human being.”