Gu Bailu had only teased him because she was certain that Feng Qingtian wouldn’t do anything when she was pregnant.

But as it turned out, the man didn’t care.

“We really shouldn’t do anything in the first three months of pregnancy. It’s bad for the baby.” In his arms, Gu Bailu’s face became pink and her tone turned soft.

“I know. I’ll just stay outside; I won’t go in.”

“You… you can’t. I won’t be able to take it.”

She was afraid that she might lose control since they hadn’t had sex with each other in a while.

“Honey, let me touch you. I’ve been holding myself back for days.”

He had kicked her away at first. Then, after his plan worked and he got her back, she was wounded. Although her injured feet wouldn’t really affect sex, he cared about her, and so hadn’t touched her.

Now that her injuries had recovered, he found it impossible to keep his distance.

He was already addicted to her.

“We really can’t. I’m afraid that I won’t be able to control myself.” Gu Bailu knew that it had been hard for him, but she couldn’t convince herself.

When she remembered that Feng Qingtian had been inside another woman, she found him filthy and was unwilling to let him touch her intimately.

She knew that he had done it for her, so she shouldn’t be angry at him.

But even then, her body reacted differently.

Feng Qingtian put her on his lap to face him. He was already hard.

Gu Bailu subconsciously moved back, unwilling to touch him.

Feng Qingtian was slightly confused. Why was she so obviously resistant?

“Lulu, you don’t want me to touch you?” asked Feng Qingtian hoarsely.

He could tell that her body was tense and subconsciously resisting him.

“N- No. We really shouldn’t be too intimate now that I’m pregnant.” Gu Bailu thought that she would grow less bothered as time went by.

After all, she would still be pregnant for a long while, and that was a good excuse.

It would probably bother her less after the baby was born.

“No… Lulu, something’s wrong with your reaction. Are you keeping something from me? You don’t love me anymore?” Feng Qingtian raised her head to make her face him.

Gu Bailu shook her head. “No. How can I keep anything from you? I… Are you really not bothered at all about me and Gu Yunjing?”

Feng Qingtian’s eyes darkened. “I wouldn’t be a man if I wasn’t bothered, but I love you, which trumps everything. I won’t despise you at all.”

He told her with his actions that he still wanted to make love to her.

But Gu Bailu found it hard to accept it.

She wondered if Feng Qingtian loved her because she could sleep with him, which was why he wasn’t bothered about her history with another man.

Or was it because she wasn’t as broad-minded as he was?

Gu Bailu thought about a lot of things, but she didn’t know whom she could talk to.

But it did bother her. Maybe she was a natural prude?

“Silly girl, I really don’t care about that. Can you let me touch you?” Feng Qingtian gently stroked her back to ease her tension.

He wouldn’t be hard on her if she was so resistant, but he was worried that her attitude wouldn’t change.

“But miscarriages are more prone to happen in the first three months of pregnancy. You can’t touch me with your thing. I’m scared…”