Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 465 - To Be a Soul Controller

“That’s easy. I’ll take you to the trial woods to experiment.”

Though she was pregnant and Feng Qingtian wanted her to stay home, he knew that she didn’t feel comfortable not having any ability.

It was like in their previous life; she could’ve done anything she wanted under his protection, but she still didn’t want to depend on it.

Feng Qingtian supported her. After all, she could better protect herself if she was stronger.

Eager to try now, Gu Bailu looked at the weather, but it was freezing outside.

“Silly girl, there’s no need to rush. It’ll be sunny tomorrow; we’ll go then. Also, don’t devote yourself so much to your training that you forget about the baby.”

Gu Bailu shook her head. “Let’s go today. My master would scold me if he knew that I gave up training just because of bad weather.”

Helpless, Feng Qingtian could only ask Ye Ying to put more clothes on Gu Bailu and warm up the carriage, before he took her to the trial woods.

The trial woods were even creepier in winter. Many demon beasts came to the edge of the woods in search of food.

“Will they hurt people when they’re hungry?”

“It’s happened before, but most of them are low-level demon beasts, and soldiers are deployed to suppress them. They haven’t hurt many people.”

“I had the souls of demon beasts when I was hurt by the Night Lotus. I recovered fast after that.”

“Then you can catch some of them later. You’re the only one who can do that. I can’t see the souls.”

Arms around him, Gu Bailu raised her head proudly. “There’s finally something I can do and you can’t, right?”

“Yes… When you become a soul controller, you’ll definitely topple me.”

“Not just that; when I become a soul controller, I’m going to topple the heavens. I’ll ask them why they want to punish me.”

“Okay, I’ll go with you.” Feng Qingtian bit her lips affectionately and, unwilling to let go, kissed her deeply.

The guards that were with them all turned around.

Qin Shou was lost for words. Why were they making out in the trial woods and not in their own room?

Was it really that great to stimulate the bachelors?

After Feng Qingtian released Gu Bailu contentedly, she glared at him. “Can you hold back a little? Don’t forget that most of them are single.”

They might revolt after witnessing such PDA.

Feng Qingtian smiled and led her into the trial woods.

“Those demon beasts will be scared off if you have my scent on you, which will save us a lot of trouble.”

“Really?” That sounded like an excuse no matter how she looked at it.

In the trial woods, Feng Qingtian subconsciously raised his guard, and Gu Bailu wasn’t as relaxed anymore.

Nobody could predict what would happen in the trial woods.

There weren’t just demon beasts in this place, but also traps, poison and treasure hunters.