Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 463 - The Second Prince“s Disconten

He was the emperor right now, and naturally, nobody dared to bully his children.

However, when Feng Qingtian took the throne, the emperor wouldn’t have any real power, and nobody would really fear his children anymore.

However, all his three sons were worthless.

But it wasn’t their fault. Feng Qingtian was simply too brilliant, and had been born with extraordinary spiritual power.

He had been stronger than the emperor’s sons since he was born.

He became a military commander when he was no more than ten.

The emperor had to give him the throne, whether he was willing or not.

“Father, you’re still young. Why are you abdicating? Is Prince Zi forcing you to?” asked Feng Xuanchen angrily.

The emperor sighed. “Does he need to? Few people in Southern Glory Empire listen to me nowadays. When the ministers and lords have meetings, everybody agrees with his opinion. When he didn’t have a child and couldn’t touch any woman, I could still put it off. Now that his woman is pregnant, however, I can’t delay it any longer.”

Feng Xuanchen massaged the emperor’s shoulders and said, “Is that why you sent the girls from the south to Prince Zi’s house? To put a few spies in place?”

“That was the plan, but he rejected them, claiming that his woman would be angry. That’s definitely an excuse.”

Feng Xuanchen snorted. “Father, you’re wrong. His woman is a rabid dog. It really is possible that she forbids him from having other women. Earlier, when I had to marry someone else after she went missing, she made quite a fuss at the wedding.”

“I know that she isn’t a suitable woman for Prince Zi, but Prince Zi insisted on marrying her. I didn’t have a choice.”

The emperor had never been fond of Gu Bailu, who not only was useless, but had also once been engaged to his son.

She had never apologized for hurting Feng Xuanchen.

If Feng Qingtian hadn’t been so protective of her, the emperor would’ve had her killed with a royal decree.

“Father, Prince Zi is tough, but we don’t have to give him the throne. I recently made the acquaintance of someone remarkable. If he helps us, Prince Zi won’t be able to force you to give him the throne.”

“What are you talking about? Nobody is willing to confront him, unless they can have the throne for themselves in return.”

If that was the case, the emperor would rather give the throne to Feng Qingtian, who was a member of the royal family anyway.

He didn’t think that Feng Qingtian would give him and his children a hard time as long as he smoothly handed over the throne.

“No, father, listen to me…”

When Feng Qingtian returned home, Gu Bailu was waiting for him at the secondary door.

She was wearing a cloak made from fox fur and holding a pink handwarmer. Her cute face was hidden under the white hood.

“Why are you here? It’s windy outside. Your hands will be cold.” Feng Qingtian kissed her lips.

It was a good life when she was around, unlike the previous days when he had been absolutely miserable.

“I have a handwarmer. I’m here to ask you about those women. Do you want them to be struck by lightning, or are you going to give them to your subordinates?” Gu Bailu asked with her hands pressed to his back.

“They’re a random gift from the emperor. I’ll have Qin Shou return them.”

“Don’t. Even I think they’re lovely. If they’re a gift, don’t send them back. I can see that many of the Ye guards are bachelors. Since they’ve been working so hard for you, you should give them some benefits.”