Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 462 - The Emperor“s Bias

Feng Qingtian’s narrow eyes glittered. “How does this have anything to do with offering me a bunch of women?”

“You’re going to take the throne one day; you can’t have one woman. You should get used to it now,” said the emperor solemnly.

He had no other wish in his whole life apart from Southern Glory Empire growing stronger and remaining uninvaded; he was satisfied with what he had achieved.

Now, he hoped that Feng Qingtian could replace him and lead Southern Glory Empire to new heights.

He knew that Feng Qingtian was capable of doing so, and there was nothing he could do to stop Feng Qingtian.

He did wish that his own son could inherit the throne, but he knew it was impossible.

So, he may as well give up the throne and focus on his own cultivation. That way, he might be able to protect his worthless children later.

“It’s not a rule that an emperor must have a lot of women. She alone is enough for me,” Feng Qingtian insisted.

Gu Bailu would definitely scratch his face if he kept those women at his place.

She was one jealous girl.

Besides, other women really did upset him.

It was possible that he might kill them if he got angry.

The emperor shook his head. “That won’t do. Since one of your princesses is already heavily wounded, one pregnant princess isn’t enough. You must have more.”

Feng Qingtian rose. “Your Majesty, enough talk. I can’t have these women. Also, I married Lulu not to inherit the throne, but because I like her; I’ll show no mercy to anyone who breaks her heart.”

Feng Qingtian bowed to the emperor. “I’ll take my leave, Your Majesty.”

Feng Qingtian turned around and walked away.

The emperor wanted to use the throne and a bevy of beauties to restrain him?

It was only because the emperor feared that Feng Qingtian would mistreat his useless cousins.

He would have the throne, but not as a gift from the current emperor.

If the emperor wouldn’t give it to him on his own terms, he would take it himself.

There was no reason why he should be bound by the emperor’s instructions.

The emperor frowned, and Feng Xuanchen, the second prince, rushed in. “Father, I heard that you gave all the girls from the south to Prince Zi!”

He had been coveting those beautiful girls for days, and had hoped to ask his father for one or two of them.

However, they had all been sent to Prince Zi’s house today.

But Prince Zi wasn’t interested in women at all. It would be a huge waste to give the girls to him.

Even the most charming woman would end up pickled in Prince Zi’s house.

“They’ve been sent, but he has already rejected them. Why? Are you interested in them?” The emperor lifted his gaze.

Feng Xuanchen’s spiritual power wasn’t bad, but he was too focused on enjoying himself instead of his cultivation.

“Father, I don’t have many girls at my residence, why didn’t you save one or two of them for me? That’s too unfair.”

He was the emperor’s biological son, born from the emperor’s favorite woman, but why were the best things always given to Feng Qingtian instead of him?

“It’s not unfair at all. Look at yourself. How old are you? How much weaker are you than Prince Zi? Let’s see how you’ll manage after I abdicate.”