Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 461 - Offered a Bunch of Pretty Girls

Those wretches had to answer for the wrongs they committed against Gu Bailu in her previous life and the current one.


Gu Bailu had no idea what he was planning. Currently, her greatest target was the Archfiend. She wanted to avenge her family.

Her feet recovered quickly after she took Mr. Xiao’s medicine. After only half a month, she was able to walk freely.

Furthermore, no scars were left on her feet.

Gu Bailu admired Mr. Xiao because she had been wounded pretty badly when she fell into the cave at the beginning, and completely recovered thanks to Mr. Xiao’s medicine.

Anyone would appreciate the person who brought them back from the brink of death.

Even Feng Qingtian was quite polite to him.

Ah Luo was quite happy to return to Prince Zi’s house, mostly for the delicious meat there.

Two courtyards in Prince Zi’s house had been destroyed by the divine retribution, and had yet to be fixed after half a month.

The people of Pale Emperor City gossiped for a long time.

After the new Princess Zi was struck, half the buildings in Prince Zi’s residence were destroyed by more lightning bolts.

It was said that the former princess had been the target.

People couldn’t help but wonder if the heavens simply didn’t tolerate any of Prince Zi’s women.

In that case, would Prince Zi be able to inherit the throne?

If the heavens didn’t allow him to have a woman, would he be a single emperor?

Naturally, the emperor was concerned. He issued a decree and sent a horde of women to Feng Qingtian!

Also, he specifically ordered those women to live in Prince Zi’s house.

Gu Bailu was completely shocked when she saw the girls in the house during her walk after breakfast.

“Did Prince Zi hire so many more servants?” Those servants were quite beautiful, and could become concubines in any other residence.

Ye Ying’s lips twitched. “They’re a gift from His Majesty.”

Gu Bailu immediately understood what she meant. “For the heavens to strike with lightning.”

Rumor had it that every one of Prince Zi’s women had been struck by lightning.

So, the only reason that the emperor had given him so many women was for the heavens to strike them with lightning.

Ye Ying sweated hard; she knew that the emperor thought that if only one or two of the women were struck, there would still be other women available.

In the royal palace, the emperor summoned Feng Qingtian after the morning audience.

“I’ve already sent some women to your house. Don’t turn a blind eye to them. You’re obviously physically fine with women.”

The emperor had concluded that Feng Qingtian wasn’t ill, but too picky; otherwise, he wouldn’t have already touched two women.

Feng Qingtian frowned. “Your Majesty, you’ve given me a lot of trouble. The one in my house will complain.”

“Who’s going to complain? I’m told that your princess is still too heavily wounded to serve you…”

“You know that there’s another one in my house.”

“Haven’t you divorced her?”

Feng Qingtian raised his head. “Who said that? She’s always been my princess. Also, she’s pregnant with my child.”

The emperor was elated. “Great! She can’t cater to your needs now that she’s pregnant. The girls I sent to you will be useful.”