Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 460 - Take Back What Belongs to Us

Every subordinate had to listen to their master’s command. Yan Anchun couldn’t disobey.

“You can’t give Shao Di what he wants. Don’t overthink it.”

Gu Bailu knew very well that Gu Yunjing had been helping her for nothing more than her heart in exchange.

But she couldn’t give him anything. If there had been no Feng Qingtian, she might’ve given herself to him.

But Feng Qingtian was here.

She was quite upset, and wondered if there was any other person Gu Yunjing needed.

The smell of herbs in Yan Anchun’s room was quite bad.

“Just take a quick look. Don’t stare, in case the baby is affected.”

Gu Bailu really couldn’t bear to look at Yan Anchun’s current appearance.

After seeing the moldy faces of the ghost army, Gu Bailu thought that she could take anything.

But when the quilt that covered Yan Anchun was lifted, Gu Bailu almost puked.

Yan Anchun was completely deformed and looked like a piece of burnt wood, with worms wriggling all over her.

There were blisters and blood all over her. She looked like a corpse.

Feng Qingtian blocked her eyes and turned her head away. “Just stop looking at her.”

“Why are there so many disgusting insects?”

“Mr. Xiao put them there. Those worms will make her more comfortable. Also, the worms’ excrement can give her the nutrition she needs.”

Gu Bailu found that hard to believe. “Is she still alive?”

How could anyone still be alive in that condition?

Even her face was completely disfigured.

Body thieves wouldn’t be able to recognize her at all; she was completely deformed.

“She’s still alive and breathing. We can only wait for her flesh to regrow.”

“How long will that take?”

“At least half a year. She can be saved if Mr. Xiao says so. Also, she’s a shadow, not an ordinary person.”

Gu Bailu felt even more uneasy after hearing that. “She must be in a lot of pain, living like this.”

“But she doesn’t want to die. She wants to stay by Gu Yunjing’s side. She only had one request when she came to me: to be kept alive so that she wouldn’t have to leave Gu Yunjing.”

Gu Bailu laid her head on Feng Qingtian’s shoulder and said, “And there will be another divine retribution when she’s already like this? Why?”

“Don’t think too much. It’s already over. There won’t be any more divine retributions. I’m going to settle the score for you.”

Feng Qingtian stroked her back gently. He did feel uncomfortable that someone else had taken the punishment for her.

But however uncomfortable he felt, it was still better than watching Gu Bailu be punished in the same way.

That was why he had accepted Yan Anchun’s plan when she came to him, despite knowing that it would be hard for both Gu Bailu and himself.

Back when they were on the boat, he could tell that she liked him. Once their relationship went to the next level, the divine retribution might have come too unexpectedly for him to hold it off.

“Why are the heavens doing this to me?”

“They just can’t see other people live good lives. Lulu, we’re going to take back what’s ours.”

“What’s ours?”

“Ultimate power and dominance over everything.” Feng Qingtian narrowed his eyes, which glowed with shocking brilliance.

“Huh… can we really do that?”

She couldn’t even beat that Archfiend right now; she was just a weakling in front of him.