“The Murong family sent an invitation to someone as useless as me. How interesting.”

Would such a great family invite such petty trash?

The answer was definitely not.

It had to be a trap.

However, Gu Bailu couldn’t decline. If she infuriated the Murong family, it would be difficult to resolve the ghost’s issues.

Also, she didn’t want to make another enemy, although they would probably despise her no matter what she did.

The next day, everybody in the house got up early to get dressed.

Considering that it was inappropriate to wear masculine attire today, Gu Bailu asked the ghost what her grandmother’s favorites were, and prepared the clothes.

After she dressed up, she blew her reflection in the water basin a kiss.

She began to believe that narcissism really was possible.

She had always looked good, but nobody had ever paid any attention to her since she was useless.

Gu Bailu left with her pretty face.

When the carriage stopped outside the house, Gu Bailu got on.

She lifted the curtain and saw General Gu, Lady Gu and Miss Gu, all in fancy clothes, inside. Gu Bailu sat next to Gu Wanqin and made room for Ah Luo.

“Sister, we’re bound for the Murong family,” Gu Wanqin informed her gently.

“What a coincidence. I’m going there, too.”

“Really?” Gu Zongxiong was stern. What was she planning today?

Gu Bailu threw the invitation at him. “They specifically gave me an invitation.”

Gu Zongxiong looked at the invitation and could only say, “You better not make a fool of yourself.”

Gu Bailu smiled and didn’t bother to reply.

Gu Wanqin, on the other hand, almost couldn’t refrain from clawing Gu Bailu’s face.

The carriage soon reached the Murong family’s house.

Very soon, they were brought to a crowded hall.

People with and without history sat together; there would be no fighting today.

Gu Bailu saw the manager of Ronghua Tower when she walked in.

“Boss, it’s been a long time. Aren’t you tired of chasing after me?” Gu Bailu sat next to him and asked cheerfully.

The manager stared at her for a long time. Who was this gorgeous lady?

Why did she look so familiar?

“It’s you! Garbage!”

“Tsk. How can you work as a manager when it takes you so long to recognize an enemy?” Gu Bailu sneered.

Everybody around them was dumbfounded at her cold laugh.

So, that was what the garbage of the Gu family looked like.

They never realized how beautiful she was.

“You!” The manager was about to attack.

“What’s going on here? Please do forgive the Murong family for our lack of hospitality.” A beautiful voice rang out.

Then, a woman in a red dress walked in, brightening the hall.

The girl had a pink face and fair skin. Her dress outlined her curves, and the luxurious cape she was wearing added to her gracefulness.

The manager immediately drew back his hand. “It’s between us. Don’t worry about it, Miss Murong.”

“Today is my grandmother’s birthday. We are all friends here. Please try to get along peacefully with each other.”