Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 458 - What on Earth Had She Done?

“Yan Anchun is a shadow that has followed him for years and is maintained with his spiritual power. He wouldn’t have felt great when Yan Anchun went through the divine retribution, but he isn’t an ordinary person; he’ll get through it.”

Feng Qingtian didn’t want to tell the truth and worry her, but he didn’t want to lie to her either.

“How can Yan Anchun be so like me that even the heavens were fooled?”

“Yan Anchun has an ultimate skill that allows her to impersonate anyone. When she came to me, she looked exactly like you in the past.”

“Take me to see her. She must feel very miserable.”

If possible, nobody would be willing to be sacrificed like that.

Yan Anchun must’ve done it under Shao Di’s order.

Feng Qingtian stood up and frowned, and Gu Bailu’s heart jumped. She forgot that Feng Qingtian was heavily wounded too.

That was precisely the nature of human beings: They worried too much about things that were far away, and neglected those that were around them.

“You come here. We’ll visit her tomorrow.” Gu Bailu shifted so that Feng Qingtian could lie on the bed.

He probably wouldn’t go back to his room, even if she told him to.

Delighted, Feng Qingtian lay down on the bed and grabbed her hand.

Looking at his face, Gu Bailu had questions that she didn’t know if she should ask, for fear that she wouldn’t like the answers.

In order to fool the heavens, Feng Qingtian and Yan Anchun must’ve put on a realistic act. So, had they slept together or not?

If the heavens had been convinced, they must’ve really done it.

She didn’t dare ask. Like how Feng Qingtian was concerned about whether or not she had slept with Gu Yunjing, she was bothered too.

However, even if Feng Qingtian slept with Yan Anchun because he had to, Gu Bailu didn’t know if she could completely accept it.

So, she knew that although Feng Qingtian said that he would never change, he had to be bothered by the thing between her and Gu Yunjing too.

Once he felt troubled, there would be obstacles in their relationship.

She hadn’t told him that her marriage to Gu Yunjing was fake, because she wanted to see his attitude more clearly.

Feng Qingtian, on the other hand, wasn’t thinking so much. He just wanted to take Gu Bailu’s heart back while Gu Yunjing was away, so that the latter wouldn’t have a chance.

When Gu Bailu woke up again, it was a bright sunny day.

She felt around the bed, but didn’t find Feng Qingtian. The sheets were cold too.

Had last night been a dream, or had it been real?

Was Yan Anchun really here to take the divine retribution for her?

Gu Bailu was the person that Feng Qingtian had been looking for, and they had loved each other so much in the past?

Everybody had been acting, but she was the only one who had taken it seriously and gotten upset.

Her mood was complicated. They had done all that to protect her, but why did she still feel so awful?

Why was it all of you knew the truth, while I was being sad and ignorant like an idiot?

Damn it!

Gu Bailu bashed her pillow in anger.

The problem was that she couldn’t be furious at anyone, because everybody had sacrificed a lot for her, whether it was their life, their shadow, or their spiritual power.

Feng Qingtian was no more happy than she was.

When it came down to it, it was the heavens that were to blame.

What on earth had she done to deserve divine retribution?