“Why were you so silly? Do you have any idea that you were almost…” Feng Qingtian was still unable to talk about it calmly.

Gu Bailu felt wronged. “I didn’t know that the Heavenly Tribulation could change its target!”

“What a silly girl. You almost ruined all our efforts. But thankfully, all the Heavenly Tribulations should be over now.”

Feng Qingtian picked up her hand and kissed it.

Gu Bailu pulled her hand back hard. “What are you doing? Feng Qingtian, don’t forget that your princess is still alive. Do you not feel sorry for her when you’re doing this to me?”

How could Feng Qingtian be such a horrible man?

“She’s not my real princess. You are the only princess that I ever have.” Feng Qingtian grabbed her hand again and smiled.

He was happy that the rainy days were finally over and he could finally catch his breath.

“You’re truly ungrateful. Even if he can’t sleep with you now, you shouldn’t have change your target so quickly. You should be loyal…”

How could he have given up the woman whom he chased for nine lives so easily?

“She can’t sleep with me in the first place, and nor would I sleep with her. I only want to sleep with you, but with all the wounds, I probably have to wait for a day or two.” Feng Qingtian kissed her hand again.

Gu Bailu slapped him in the face. “Feng Qingtian, you’re forcing me to slap you…”

But before she finished, Feng Qingtian suddenly stood up, grabbed her hands, bent down, and laid his lips on hers.

Slapping him made him press further?

Gu Bailu jerked and tried to bite his tongue.

It was too disgusting!

“Lulu, calm down and listen to me!” Feng Qingtian let go of her lips and stared at her. “You’re the person that I’ve been after all the time. My memories have been restored. Yan Anchun is just a replacement.”

“That’s right. I’m just a replacement, so you should be nicer to the right person… Wait, who did you say is a replacement?”

Gu Bailu’s eyes widened. Did she heard it right? Yan Anchun was a replacement?

What the heck?

“Yan Anchun’s soul is very similar to yours, except that you don’t have the memories she has. That’s why she can replace you.”

“Why would she replace me?”

A woman replaced her to sleep with her man and enjoy his love?

Was he crazy, or was she so?

“To take the divine retribution for you. We’ll inevitably suffer divine retribution if we’re together… So, I had to come up with this plan. It’s better to upset you for a few days than to let you end up like her.” Feng Qingtian scratched her forehead and said, “I know that it’s hard for you to accept, but Gu Yunjing and I both thought that it was for the best.”

“Gu Yunjing… Is he part of this too?” Gu Bailu was dumbfounded. “What’s going on exactly?”

“When Yan Anchun is steadier and your memories are returned to you, you will know why you will suffer divine retribution if we’re together. But I can’t be separated from you…”

“So, Yan Anchun is fake, and you were acting with her in order to invoke the divine retribution?”