Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 454 - The Heavens Changed Direction Without Warning

qin shou was really anxious and wondered how much pain his lord would feel when he saw the former princess’s burnt feet.

thankfully, ye ying soon caught up. “is the lord… fine? princess, oh, are you alright?”

“not at all! i didn’t expect to be hit at all!” gu bailu felt greatly wronged now that they were talking about that.

she recalled a lot of experts who had helped people deal with the heavens, but none of them had suffered punishment like she had.

why was she so unlucky?

qin shou and ye ying hurriedly brought them inside.

mr. xiao was quite amazed by their wretched appearances. “it’s a miracle you’re still alive.”

though they were still alive, they were half-dead.

prince zi, in particular, would have to rest for half a year before he could recover.

mr. xiao treated gu bailu’s feet first so that she wouldn’t have to spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair.

it hurt so much that gu bailu’s head went blank. it felt like someone was stomping around in circles in her head, and she wanted to strangle someone.

“you know what pain is now? how bold of you to stop the heavenly tribulation on your own. who gave you the courage?” mr. xiao was so pissed that he was sneering.

not only did you eat the king of 9,999 spring harbingers, but you also blocked the heavenly tribulation. do you really think you’re indestructible?

he really didn’t know what he should say about what she had done.

but feng qingtian was probably the angriest. he had made so many arrangements, and his plan had almost worked, until this girl ruined it.

thankfully, she was still alive.

otherwise, there was no telling what the previous tyrant of the universe would do.

“i was only trying to help. i didn’t expect to be attacked without warning at all!”

gu bailu closed her eyes; her nerves still tingled excruciatingly from the throbbing pain in her feet. she couldn’t be any more infuriated.


mr. xiao simply said, “stupid!”

after smearing balm on her feet, he felt that the girl should be given a slap.

“is… is my baby fine?”

“oh, so you know that you’re pregnant?”

gu bailu stopped talking, but she felt wronged too; she didn’t know that the heavenly tribulation would chase her.

who could’ve predicted that the heavenly tribulation would abandon yan anchun and attack her instead?

“the baby is fine, but you’ll be in pain for a day or two. it will be a good lesson for you.”

mr. xiao walked out after saying that. a more serious patient awaited him.

ye ying helped clean gu bailu up. she didn’t know what to say to the princess either.

her lord risked everything to save her, and had nearly gotten himself killed for it.

“so, how is your lord?” gu bailu asked worriedly.

“his back is completely burnt. it’ll be fine if he can weather through this,” said ye ying regretfully.

her lord had always been high and mighty, and had never gotten hurt, even on the battlefield.

the worst injury he had ever gotten was when the enemy had slashed his chest in an accident, but he recovered in just two days.

this was the first time that he had almost been killed.

gu bailu knew that she had truly done something horrible even though she had meant well.

she didn’t expect feng qingtian to be so determined to rescue her either.

what should she do if something happened to him?