Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 453 - Feng Qingtian Is Half-Dead

If Feng Qingtian hadn’t come, she probably would’ve ended up as ash.

It was said that a person killed by the Heavenly Tribulation would be obliterated.

There would be no next life or reincarnation. Their souls would be completely destroyed in this universe.

That had been close!

“It’s fine. Don’t be scared. It’s over now.” Feng Qingtian petted her, knowing that she had probably never felt any more scared.

She was probably the only person in the world who would dare block a Heavenly Tribulation.

He wondered what she had been thinking.

But it wasn’t really strange. Hadn’t she always been this bold?

“That’s so horrible. Why are the heavens so unreasonable? They simply focused on me and ignored the real target after I stopped them…”

She didn’t think that she had deserved it.

Her book also hadn’t mentioned that whoever stopped the Heavenly Tribulation would take the hit.

“It’s fine. I won’t let it hit you. Never.” Feng Qingtian was greatly relieved.

Now that he could relax, he felt excruciating pain all over his body.

“Are you alright?” Gu Bailu saw that his complexion was awful and his hair was burnt. She laid one hand on his back, only to cry out in shock, “Why are you so hot?”

“I… was hit.” Feng Qingtian passed out on her after saying that.

Gu Bailu was still shaking with horror after returning from the brink of death.

She didn’t want to die yet.

She tried to stand up, only to fall over again.

However, it was truly inappropriate for Feng Qingtian to be so close to her.

“My lord, where are you?” Qin Shou shouted from outside the yard.

Exhausted, Gu Bailu said, “Here… Next to the lake.”

Just now, Feng Qingtian had been about to take her into the water, when the Heavenly Tribulation stopped.

It was a good thing they hadn’t jumped into the lake, since they would’ve been shocked with electricity.

“My lord!” Qin Shou’s face was pale when he saw that Feng Qingtian had passed out.

“Be careful. His back is wounded. Take him to a doctor now.”

Qin Shou moved Feng Qingtian, and Gu Bailu tried to stand up, but her legs couldn’t support her at all.

Why couldn’t she feel her feet?

She lowered her head, only to see that her shoes were black and the soles of her feet were stuck to them.


She had been so anxious that she hadn’t sensed the pain until now.

She had been protected by Feng Qingtian, but her feet had been exposed to the air.

Qin Shou didn’t dare touch Gu Bailu, and was at a loss over what to do.

He couldn’t leave the former princess here and just take his lord away. If his lord found out, he would be killed.

“Take him to Mr. Xiao now! I’ll be fine; it’s just that my feet are injured and I can’t stand up,” Gu Bailu urged Qin Shou.

“No, my lord will kill me if he finds out, but I can’t carry you since I’m a man… Well…”