Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 452 - The Silly Girl Took Action

Feng Qingtian sweated in disbelief and fear. He looked at the red light again. It had blocked the Heavenly Tribulation, but instead of pressing forward, the Heavenly Tribulation changed course to the source of the red light.


Feng Qingtian screamed and disappeared all of a sudden.

The Ye guards, Ye Hua and Mr. Xiao were all stunned. What was going on?

Where was Prince Zi going, when he should be protecting the new princess?

Gu Bailu was shaking; she sensed that she wouldn’t be able to ward off the power of the heavens for much longer.

She was only trying to help; she didn’t plan on getting herself killed.

I should probably stop, Gu Bailu thought. She was about to cancel the rune, when the Heavenly Tribulation came right at her.

Her eyes widened. “Seriously? It changed direction?”

She was so frightened that she quickly fled. All her protections had been directed to the east. She didn’t know how to protect herself now.

When the lightning struck above her head, it felt like thousands of burning meteorites crashing down on her at the same time.

Gu Bailu hurriedly flashed out of the house with a teleportation rune.

The Gu house behind her had been smashed to pieces, and burned with a fierce fire.

But the Heavenly Tribulation wouldn’t let her go. As if she had a tracker on her, the lightning attacked her again.

Gu Bailu thought that she was doomed. She really wouldn’t have done anything if she knew she was going to be killed…

“Damn you, I’ve done nothing wrong. Why is the Heavenly Tribulation after me? What’s wrong with you?” Gu Bailu cursed, and the lightning enveloped her before she could dodge. She couldn’t move at all.

“Lulu!” She was roused by a roar; she thought that she saw Feng Qingtian.

Somebody grabbed her waist and took to the sky. She raised her head, only to see Feng Qingtian’s charming face.

However, his expression looked even more horrible than the Heavenly Tribulation at present.

The Heavenly Tribulation was following her, and Feng Qingtian flashed back to his house with Gu Bailu.

The Heavenly Tribulation lost its target. Now that it was coming to an end, its power dwindled, and it disappeared after destroying two yards in Prince Zi’s house.

Gu Bailu, however, was completely pale. Her clothes and face were black, as if they had been burnt.

Feng Qingtian wasn’t any better. The blisters on his back were frightening.

Feng Qingtian patted Gu Bailu in his arms on the cheek. “Lulu, wake up. It’s over. Everything’s fine.”

Gu Bailu blinked her eyes. “What… happened just now? Why did it come after me?”

Didn’t the Heavenly Tribulation target a specific person? Why would it change targets?

She didn’t know that the Heavenly Tribulation could be so intelligent.

“You’ve been its target all the time. Silly girl, why did you take action. I… I almost lost you again.” Feng Qingtian hugged her tightly and sobbed.

He had taken everything into consideration, but he hadn’t expected this silly girl to take action on her own.