“Your spirit root is growing like crazy. You can’t suppress it at all with your power. Be braced for pain in the next couple of days.”


Mr. Xiao had barely finished, when Gu Bailu’s stomach started to hurt. Her belly grew larger than a ball.

“Is the kid going to be fine?”

“Why didn’t you consider that when you randomly ate something?”

“I thought it should be fine since the flower’s a tonic.”

“I really want to leave right now.” Mr. Xiao had never seen a patient who asked for trouble themselves!

“Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! It hurts…” Her stomach bulged, but didn’t actually hurt. Air flowed through her stomach, as if she were having gastric.

“Just deal with it.”

That being said, Mr. Xiao took out some silver needles, ready to relieve the pain for her.

But a person ran in. “Mr. Xiao, something’s wrong with Princess Zi. The lord wants you back right now.”

Mr. Xiao frowned and put a pill into Gu Bailu’s mouth from his medical kit. “Keep it in your mouth.”

He then swiftly left with the Ye guard.

What happened to Yan Anchun?

Had she finally stopped breathing?

Actually, for a person who was disfigured after suffering divine retribution, she might as well die and be reincarnated.

If Feng Qingtian truly loved her, he could be reincarnated with her, and they could still love each other in the next life.

Gu Bailu didn’t know why Yan Anchun clung to life.

Maybe Feng Qingtian was unwilling to see Yan Anchun or himself die.

“Ah… It hurts so much!” The pain was so bad that Gu Bailu didn’t have time to think about Yan Anchun.

The pain didn’t recede until nightfall. She got out of bed and finally had some water.

It was completely dark outside the room despite the full moon, which was blocked by dark clouds.

That was certainly an unusual phenomenon.

Gu Bailu performed a divination with her Heavenly Eye, and saw that somebody was going to undergo the Heavenly Tribulation.

Gu Bailu calculated the direction. It was happening in the east, which was the direction of Prince Zi’s house.

Recalling Yan Anchun’s condition today, she wondered if it was Yan Anchun who would be going through the Heavenly Tribulation.

That was probably why Mr. Xiao had been summoned back so quickly.

Did Yan Anchun have to pass another Heavenly Tribulation when she was so seriously injured?

It was already a miracle that she was still alive.

Since Feng Qingtian had saved her once again, Gu Bailu thought that she could help Yan Anchun resist the Heavenly Tribulation with an array.

She hurriedly took out Unusual Natural Phenomena. She remembered that the solution to the Heavenly Tribulation was written in it.

She had remembered correctly.

According to the book, it required eighteen gold items and the blood of a virgin.

Eighteen gold items were easy to find. Feng Qingtian had given her plenty of gold accessories.

But she herself certainly didn’t have the blood of a virgin.

But there was someone who did.

She hurriedly went to Ah Luo, who was still asleep. She pricked Ah Luo’s finger with a needle and collected a cup of blood.

She looked at the sky, which was still dark; when the clouds scattered and the moon came out, the Heavenly Tribulation would arrive.

She wondered what horrible things Yan Anchun had done to deserve such a punishment from the heavens.