Feng Qingtian didn’t know how Gu Bailu did it, but she somehow waved his hand off as she shouted, “It was just a joke. Why are you so serious? I won’t stand between you and Shao Di.”

Feng Qingtian laughed in utmost fury. “I don’t know what goes on in your head.”

“Rest assured, I’ll repay you for your help.”

“How are you going to repay three lives?”

Gu Bailu was confused. “What three lives?”

“Think about it yourself.” Feng Qingtian ignored her and closed his eyes on the bed.

Gu Bailu thought for a moment. She had borrowed his penis twice, and he had offered it to Shao Di this time. It was indeed three lives.

She wondered why Feng Qingtian had to save her with his penis every time when he had so many other abilities.

It was indeed a puzzle.

Gu Bailu was too busy thinking to notice that Feng Qingtian’s fists were clenched inside his sleeves.

After the trash had gone missing for a few days, everybody in Pale Emperor City thought that Ronghua Tower had killed her.

When Gu Bailu jumped out of the carriage, the passers-by were all dumbfounded.

They hurried to spread the word that the trash had returned safe and sound despite Ronghua Tower’s pursuit.

That was great news.

Gu Zongxiong and his wife looked at Gu Bailu, their eyes almost popping out. “It’s great that you’re back. Give us our money!”

Gu Bailu was perplexed. “What money?”

The general’s wife said helplessly, “Lulu, we used the house to pay back what you took from Ronghua Tower.”

Gu Bailu chuckled. “How useless are you? How can you let anybody take money from you? If anybody takes what’s mine, I’ll kill them.”

Gu Zongxiong looked at her as if she was crazy. “Have you lost your mind?”

His daughter had practically turned into a different person.

“Oh, I forgot to tell you. After my third sister killed me, I switched souls. Don’t use your old tricks on me anymore.”

Gu Bailu went around them and returned to her yard.

“Is she serious?” Ye Yunshu, the general’s wife, frowned and asked.

“How would I know? I think she’s just here to ruin my house.” Gu Zongxiong never thought that this past garbage could grow so arrogant one day.

She didn’t respect her father at all.

“In that case, she can’t stay here any longer.”

“I know. You should take care of that.”

“Are you finally willing to do it, my lord?” Ye Yunshu smiled as she gloated.

For years, she had been urging her husband to kill the little trash, but he had never made up his mind to do so.

Now that the trash was biting back, it would be a miracle if he could hold back.

“She’s asking to be killed. Don’t blame me.” Gu Zongxiong made up his mind.

“I will certainly ensure that it’s done neatly.” Ye Yunshu put her arms around Gu Zongxiong’s neck and leaned into him. “My lord…”

Gu Zongxiong patted her bottom. “Flirting in the middle of a day? Just see how I’ll take care of you.”

Hardly had Gu Bailu returned when she received an invitation to a birthday celebration in the Murong family.

The Murong family was the greatest noble family in Southern Glory Empire. The current leader of the family was the ghost’s grandmother.

Her age was indicative enough of the level of her spiritual power.