It was crisp and tasted like a sweet lollipop.

She had a bite and waited for a while. Confirming that it wasn’t poisonous, she continued boldly.

By the time Ah Luo came in, Gu Bailu had already eaten half of the King of 9,999 Spring Harbingers.

“My lady, what are you eating? Why didn’t you let me know?” Ah Luo jumped over and asked excitedly.

“The King of 9,999 Spring Harbingers. These are yours.”

She tore off some of the stems for Ah Luo. She hadn’t been selfish; she had simply been worried that something would happen if she ate it.

After all, Feng Qingtian wouldn’t have asked her to make water with it if it could simply be eaten.

Though Gu Bailu was concerned, she wanted to level up and develop a spirit root sooner rather than later.

The Archfiend’s arrival made her realize that her capability was nothing to those who were truly strong.

She couldn’t seek revenge until she grew stronger.

Ah Luo accepted the stems and ate them. “They’re sweet. I like it.”

She quickly had the rest of the stems, and her face became as colorful as a rainbow.

Gu Bailu was stunned. “Ah Luo, are you alright? Why have you turned into a rainbow?”

Ah Luo twirled around in delight. “My lady, I’m leveling up! I’m leveling up! I’m going to be super strong!”


Gu Bailu was about to ask, when Ah Luo promptly fell to the floor.

Gu Bailu was going to check on her, when she collapsed as well

“Crap. What happened to the princess? Why have they both fallen over?”

“You stay here. I’ll report to the lord.”

Ye Hua disappeared from the Gu house and went to Feng Qingtian, who had just left Yan Anchun’s room.

“My lord, the princess and Ah Luo both passed out.”

Feng Qingtian started running. “What happened? Didn’t I tell you to watch her closely?”

“The princess was in her room and somehow passed out there.”

Feng Qingtian stopped halfway. “I can’t go there. Tell Mr. Xiao to go over.”

It should be fine since she hadn’t left her place. There were few things in the Gu family that could hurt her.

Feng Qingtian clenched his fists to stop himself from moving. He watched Ye Hua seek out Mr. Xiao and quickly leave with him.

Damn it!

Why couldn’t time go faster?

What had that silly girl done this time? Why did she pass out in her room?

Feng Qingtian paced back and forth in the yard with a heavy heart.

“My lord, General Ye is here to give his report.”

“Send him away. I’m not in the mood for any report.”

He was too concerned about the silly girl and the safety of the baby.

“General Ye said that it’s about the Archfiend. He has discovered the Archfiend’s whereabouts.”

“Tell him to go to the study.”

Feng Qingtian turned around and walked to the study.

He had never clashed with the Archfiend before, but he knew what the Archfiend was capable of.

The Archfiend had only been a minor demon king at the beginning, but he dominated the demon realm after just a thousand years.

But in the end, he was heavily wounded by the celestials for his ambitiousness.

It had been a hundred years, and he was attempting to make a comeback.

The Archfiend didn’t just want the Sky Splitting Mirror. He also wanted to avenge himself for that previous humiliation.