Gu Bailu hurriedly stood up. “Mr. Xiao.”

She respected Mr. Xiao from the bottom of her heart, because he had saved her and trained her before.

But she respected him in a different way to how she respected her master.

“Why didn’t you eat the noodles?” Mr. Xiao looked at the noodles and saw the pork hidden inside. “Don’t have any fat yet.”

“I can’t eat anything for now.” Gu Bailu was quite worried about herself. “Ah Luo told me about my physical condition. Is it very bad?”

Mr. Xiao tapped the desk with one finger and said, “The Archfiend uses demonic arts, and I can only treat human beings. So… It’s indeed bad.”

“The Archfiend isn’t human?” Then why was he in the human realm?

She knew that this world was complicated, but was it really appropriate to roam the three realms so freely?

“I don’t know the details; you’ll have to ask Prince Zi. The Archfiend has been staying in the human world to recover after he was defeated by the celestials.”

“I can’t let anything happen to the baby. If you don’t have a solution, I’m planning to give the Archfiend the Sky Splitting Mirror.”

If the baby died, it would be gone forever, but if she gave the item away, she could still get it back someday.

Besides… she couldn’t hide in Prince Zi’s house forever. She didn’t want to owe Prince Zi too much either.

She couldn’t persuade herself to ask for his help.

“Even if I’m willing to help and Prince Zi is willing to sacrifice part of his soul, the odds of success are below thirty percent,” said Mr. Xiao.

Gu Bailu’s eyes bulged. “Why would Feng Qingtian sacrifice part of his soul? I don’t want that.”

He might lose his memories if he lost part of his soul. Then, would he forget Yan Anchun, and everything would go back to the start?

But that could no longer happen.

Besides, the odds of success were only thirty percent.

Gu Bailu made up her mind. “Ah Luo, let’s go home.”

If the Archfiend wanted the Sky Splitting Mirror, he could have it.

Gu Bailu left the room with Ah Luo, and Feng Qingtian was right outside.

She looked at him and felt bad, as they probably could never be fully separated because of this baby.

He was probably also taking care of her because of the baby.

“I’m going home. Thank you for saving me. I’ll return the favor if you need me someday.”

Gu Bailu left with Ah Luo after saying that.

Mr. Xiao smiled. “She’s going to give the Sky Splitting Mirror away rather than ask for your help. It’s not going to be easy.”

“There’s a baby coming. She can’t run away.”

Mr. Xiao glanced at him. “Shameless.”

“Is the baby really fine?” Feng Qingtian didn’t say anything, but he felt guilty.

If he had kept a constant eye on Gu Bailu, she wouldn’t have been caught by the Archfiend.

If he had found the Archfiend sooner, the Archfiend wouldn’t have been able to plant the parasites in her…

He didn’t know how to face Gu Bailu in the future if the baby was lost because of that.

Thankfully, the baby was still alive.

“She should be fine for now. The Archfiend planted the parasites in her to get the Sky Splitting Mirror. He won’t kill her so quickly.”

“Is it still possible to save Yan Anchun?”

“It depends on whether she can survive the full moon. If she does, she can be saved. You know that the heavens have no mercy when they want someone dead. It’s pointless to try for now.”