Gu Bailu frowned slightly. “What demonic parasites?”

“The demonic parasites are parasites kept by the Archfiend. They can absorb all your blood and drain you. Mr. Xiao is trying to save you. Don’t worry, my lady, Mr. Xiao will definitely take care of it for you.”

Gu Bailu hurriedly felt her pulse, only to discover that it was a mess.

Why was her pulse condition so unusual?

It had to be caused by the parasites… It couldn’t be a sign of pregnancy…

“Besides, you’re pregnant right now…”

“What?” Gu Bailu stood up in shock. “I’m really pregnant?”

God… Why don’t you hit me with divine retribution too?

How could she be pregnant after everything that happened between her and Feng Qingtian?

Besides, how could the baby live when there were parasites inside her?

She didn’t want her baby to die in her womb; that would be too wretched.

“You’re really pregnant, my lady…” said Ah Luo in delight.

Gu Bailu almost passed out after hearing that. “Ah Luo, why don’t you talk to God and see if he can wind back my life for me…”

She couldn’t believe that this was happening at all!

Ah Luo hurriedly gave her a hand. “My lady, are you alright? Do you feel uncomfortable?”

Gu Bailu sat up straight and said, “I’m fine. I’ll have the noodles first.”

What happened had happened. She had no choice but to accept it.

Now that the baby was here, she would have to try her best to protect it.

Gu Bailu picked up the chopsticks to eat, but she began to gag as soon as she put the noodles into her mouth.

She was out of strength after all the retching.

“My lady, here’s a handkerchief. Mr. Xiao says that it’s a natural symptom of pregnancy. Don’t be scared.” Ah Luo hugged her.

It was impossible to not be scared.

Why had this baby come right now? It could’ve come earlier or later.

“Did Mr. Xiao say anything about the impact of the demonic parasites on the baby?”

“The baby might die due to lack of nutrition. I overheard that.”

Au Luo had eavesdropped on Mr. Xiao and Prince Zi when they were speaking.

If it wasn’t for that, she would’ve already taken her lady away.

She knew that her lady hated Prince Zi and didn’t want to stay here, but there was nowhere else they could go now.

If they left, they couldn’t beat the Archfiend who wanted the Sky Splitting Mirror.

Besides, her lady was pregnant. She couldn’t allow anything to happen to the both of them.

Gu Bailu meditated in her room and opened her Heavenly Eye. She could see the little creature inside her. Indistinct as it was, it was indeed a life.

She was truly pregnant.

She certainly couldn’t allow such a little creature to die of malnutrition in her body.

Gu Bailu searched for the parasites inside her, but couldn’t find anything.

Were the parasites invisible?

But the Archfiend was very strong. That man in the white mask was only his subordinate, and he was already formidable enough.

It seemed that her opponent was unusually strong. She needed to improve her capability.

The fastest way to train was dual cultivation, but she couldn’t convince herself to dual cultivate with Feng Qingtian again.

Why was her life so difficult?