Using the Heavenly Star Map she had given them, they would be able to find the location of the hidden treasure.

But they still hadn’t let her go. Exactly what did they want?

“The Sky Splitting Mirror.” Feng Qingtian pulled her hand. “Don’t go back to your place, it’s dangerous.”

“I can’t stay in your house, however dangerous it is,” said Gu Bailu calmly.

“This is a room in the backyard. I promise I won’t disturb you,” Feng Qingtian practically begged in a low voice.

“I was in your arms and in the same bed with you when I woke up. Why should I believe you?”

She certainly wouldn’t believe him again!

She thought that he loved Yan Anchun deeply, but he had turned to her again the moment something happened to the other woman.

What a horrible man!

“If I was really determined, do you think you can hide from me in your home? Lulu, this is for your own safety. You must listen to me.”

“Do you not feel sorry for Yan Anchun by doing this?”

“I’ll explain the thing between me and Yan Anchun to you later…”

Gu Bailu smiled. “You don’t need to. Thank you for saving me, but I suggest you be nicer to Yan Anchun. After all, nothing would’ve happened to her if she didn’t marry you.”

“Do you want to meet her?” asked Feng Qingtian.

Gu Bailu rolled her eyes. “No.”

Yan Anchun was probably dying. Gu Bailu didn’t want to be blamed if anything happened during her visit.

Having said that, she actually was quite interested in what happened to Yan Anchun, and why she had suffered divine retribution.

“You’re not in the best shape. You can have Mr. Xiao treat you first before you go back. Is that okay?” Feng Qingtian asked again.

Gu Bailu knew that he was using Mr. Xiao as an excuse for her to stay.

But she did want to talk to Mr. Xiao. Hesitant, she asked, “When will Mr. Xiao come?”

“He drops by for breakfast every day.”

“Okay. I’ll go after I talk to him.”

She didn’t want to end up on bad terms with Feng Qingtian, not after he had saved her again. After all, he might be useful to her later.

Though he was a horrible man, he still had strength and power.

Feng Qingtian seemed delighted. “I’ll go and check if he’s here.”

Gu Bailu only wished that Feng Qingtian could be gone faster.

She looked around the room. The decorations were luxurious. The mat was made of fox fur. There were items made from white jade on the table. There was also an invaluable red coral tree that was utterly colorless.

Several pairs of shoes and boots were next to the bed. She had worn some of them before.

There were fancy clothes on the shelves; these were the clothes that she hadn’t taken with her from the pink cottage.

The door opened, and Ah Luo came in with a tray. “My lady, you’re up. Are you hungry? Here are some noodles for you.”

Gu Bailu looked at her and asked, “Ah Luo, why are we in Prince Zi’s house?”

“Prince Zi and someone else saved us.” Ah Luo helped her walk to the table. “Have the noodles, my lady. I secretly hid a slice of pork inside it.”

Ah Luo disagreed with the doctors who said that her lady should have food that was low in fat after she woke up.

Her lady couldn’t recover without meat.

Gu Bailu glared at her. “Is it appropriate for us to stay at Prince Zi’s place? You should’ve brought me home.”

Ah Luo said innocently, “But Prince Zi wouldn’t allow me to.”

“Couldn’t you think of something? If you insisted on leaving, would he dare stop you?”