Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 443 - We Had a Peaceful Divorce

Had she been saved?

Who saved her?

She was about to sit up, when she sensed a heavy hand on her waist. She looked to the side, only to see a man.

In the sunlight, his tight, shiny skin was as droolworthy as sauce on a steak. His face was blocked by his dark hair, and only revealed the strong line of a jaw.

She frowned slightly, as the man gave her a familiar feeling.

She moved the hair out of the way, only to see a face that she couldn’t be any more familiar with.

Feng Qingtian?

Why was she in the same bed as Feng Qingtian?

“Lulu, it’s still early. Let’s sleep a while longer.” The man pulled her into his arms, making it impossible for her to move.

Gu Bailu was still dumbfounded.

Exactly what was going on?

If she was remembering correctly, Feng Qingtian’s former lover had returned. She had been kicked out of Prince Zi’s house, and Feng Qingtian had married his former lover, although there had been an accident during the wedding.

They should have already gone their separate ways. Why would they still be together?

She hurriedly pushed him aside. “Feng Qingtian, why am I here?”

Feng Qingtian lazily opened his eyes. “Where else do you think you should be, Lulu?”

Gu Bailu pinched her thigh hard to ensure that she wasn’t dreaming.

She stood up from the bed. “Feng Qingtian, we had a peaceful divorce, and you have a new wife. What’s this about?”

“Who says that we’re divorced?” Feng Qingtian grabbed her hand and said, “The bed is soft. Sit down now so that you don’t fall.”

“No! I’m going back!” Gu Bailu shook him off and jumped out of the bed. She was going to run, when Feng Qingtian grabbed her waist. “Lulu, where are you going in those clothes?”

Gu Bailu looked at herself, only to see that she was only wearing pajamas.

It was one of the sets that she hadn’t taken with her when she left.

They were quite conservative on the whole, but it gaped between her breasts to reveal the deepest part of her cleavage.

Feng Qingtian pulled her back and closed the door. “Be a good girl. You really shouldn’t leave now.”

“I’m going back! Feng Qingtian, don’t presume you can forget everything that happened just because you saved me!” Gu Bailu roared.

How could a man be so shameless?

He must find Yan Anchun too disfigured to sleep with now, which is why he remembered Gu Bailu.

“Okay, okay. I’ll escort you back to your place, just don’t run.” Feng Qingtian pulled her back to the bed worriedly. “Put on your clothes before you go back, alright?”

Gu Bailu gazed at him coldly. Feng Qingtian was exactly like before, as if the previous two months hadn’t happened at all.

But she knew how hurt and humiliated she had been.

She wouldn’t trust this man again.

She wasn’t something that he could have and then abandon at will.

“Did you save me?” Gu Bailu asked.

Feng Qingtian picked up her clothes and was about to put them on her, but Gu Bailu snatched them from him. “I’m capable of putting on my own clothes, Prince Zi.”

She hid behind the screen with the clothes. Putting them on quickly, she came out and asked again, “Did you save me?”