“i’m too useless. i followed them for a while, but they got rid of me.” ye hua fell to her knees.

feng qingtian looked at mr. xiao. “do you know who they are?”

“i’ve never heard of anyone who can absorb other people’s spiritual power.” mr. xiao shook his head. “but don’t worry. she won’t be killed quickly since she was captured alive.”

feng qingtian said calmly, “mr. xiao, you can go get some rest first.”

mr. xiao looked at him thoughtfully, before he left with ye ying.

returning to his bed, feng qingtian buried his face in his hands. “find her and make sure that nothing happens to her.”

“yes, my lord…”

ye hua quickly ran off.

feng qingtian tried to think of anyone who could absorb spiritual power.

but he came up with nothing. he had reincarnated late in his previous lives, and didn’t know this continent very well.

feng qingtian frowned and waved his hand, vanishing into thin air.

the nether king was throwing a tantrum in his palace. “you useless pigs! you can’t catch a traitor after so many days? did she disappear?”

he never thought that the people of the nether land could be so incapable.

the nether king, who had always felt invincible, was utterly humiliated.

he swore that he would catch the traitor.

feng qingtian showed up while he was feeling enraged, and he quickly calmed down. “what now?”

nothing good could possibly come out of this guy visiting him.

“i was wondering if i could ask you something,” said feng qingtian.

the nether king invited him to take a seat. “you can just ask. there’s no need to be so courteous.”

feng qingtian was no longer the person he used to be, but the nether king still didn’t want to piss him off.

“do you know any ghosts that can absorb spiritual power?” feng qingtian was here to ask for help, so he was quite polite.

the nether king frowned. “ghosts that can absorb spiritual power?”

feng qingtian looked cold and dark; he was clearly prepared to kill someone.

who had pissed him off?

“i don’t think any human is capable of that. are you talking about the archfiend?” speculated the nether king.

“the archfiend is out?”

“the timing feels right.”

after a battle against the celestials, the archfiend had been heavily wounded and had gone into hiding.

after so long, it was time for him to stir up trouble once again.

feng qingtian stood up and asked, “is there any way to find him?”

“it’s very difficult. i’m human, after all, and he…”

“do this for me. i have to find him.” feng qingtian’s eyes were full of worry.

“well, it’s really hard for me. you should probably go talk to shao zun. he’s done plenty of bad things, and may be involved with the archfiend.”

feng qingtian said, “alright, thank you.”

he turned around and disappeared. the nether king was curious about how the archfiend had pissed off prince zi.

did the archfiend think that feng qingtian was easy to take advantage of, now that the latter was just a human being?

when gu bailu woke up again, she found herself in the middle of a small, dim cave that was full of bones. her hands and feet were tied up.

the bones smelled extremely foul.

she sneezed, and a skull rolled down to her abdomen.

nauseated, gu bailu retched for a long time.