Gu Bailu was stunned. This didn’t look right.

You’re one of the most powerful people on the whole continent, but why do you look like a wife seeing her husband go off with the concubine?

Why do you look so sorrowful?

Just bring out your strength and fight!

Feng Qingtian probably wouldn’t win. After all, Shao Di had lived for more than a hundred years.

“No,” Feng Qingtian said without looking back.

How ruthless!

Gu Bailu felt sorry for Shao Di. Such a gorgeous beauty had been rejected. She truly wondered what Feng Qingtian’s heart was made of.

Shao Di, on the other hand, wasn’t devastated at all. He reached Feng Qingtian and said, “Let me warn you: If you want her alive, you better watch her closely. She was lucky she encountered me this time.”

Gu Bailu looked at him, and the uncomfortable feeling in her heart crept back.

“Who is it?” Feng Qingtian stopped and looked at him sharply.

“Nan Ningxin.”

“I didn’t realize you know her.”

Shao Di smiled. “She’s an old acquaintance. If you’re in trouble, I’ll certainly give you a hand.”

His face was unparalleled in the first place, and when he smiled, it eclipsed everything around him.

Gu Bailu was dazzled by how handsome he was.

Nan Ningxin knew Shao Di, and Shao Di had helped her. The woman definitely wasn’t simple.

Gu Bailu had just gotten in touch with Murong Huangtang, and the woman had already asked such a powerful ally to kill her.

This deal was definitely a huge loss for her.

Feng Qingtian looked at Gu Bailu, only to discover that her face was pale. He grabbed her wrist and pulled her away.

Shao Di didn’t continue to chase them. His face darkened as he looked at them.

A woman in glamorous clothes suddenly appeared. “Are you letting her go just like that?”

“What else can I do? Even Yunjian cannot imprison her. I don’t want to fall out with Prince Zi just yet.”

The woman sighed. “You’ve been dedicated to your cultivation for so many years that I thought you had forgotten her.”

Gu Yunjing chuckled. “Have you heard of a sunk cost before? You pay such a great price to love someone. If you give up, all of it will have been for nothing, so you have to carry on.”

“That’s a stupid idea.”

“Experts are all lonely. If you aren’t a little bit stupid, you won’t have any friends.”

“In that case, you should stop her from meeting Prince Zi, preferably forever.”

“Hehe… You think I didn’t try? But I couldn’t stop them. However, I still have ways to prevent them from recognizing each other.”

Gu Bailu washed her face and took a deep breath in delight. “This is a beautiful world after all. Somebody came to save me.”

She drew close to Feng Qingtian. “Qingqing, why are you so nice to me? I’m falling in love with you.”

Feng Qingtian suddenly grabbed her neck. Smothered, Gu Bailu felt that death was right next to her.

“I can indulge you, but you better understand who you are. No fantasies.”

Gu Bailu was angry. What was this madness about?

“I like to have fantasies, so what?”

“I’ll kill you.” A terrible coldness flashed in Feng Qingtian’s eyes.