Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 439 - The Former Princess Has Been Captured

the man in the white mask finally moved. he did nothing more than snap his fingers, and the shining star immediately died out like a cigarette that had been stepped on.

gu bailu secretly cursed. who knew that the man would be so capable?

ever since she came to this world, she had always felt that she could do her best and win every battle even if she was considered garbage.

but this time, her confidence was shattered.

the enemy had destroyed her array with just a snap of his fingers. that was a unique array that had been formed with the best of her power.

“take her away now.”

at his order, the ghost soldiers advanced, and gu bailu passed out before she knew it.

in prince zi’s house, feng qingtian was asking mr. xiao to stay. “there are a lot of rooms here. why do you insist on leaving?”

“i don’t feel comfortable living in your house. i’ll come again tomorrow, but i’m going to visit someone first.”

feng qingtian frowned slightly. “who is it?”

“your ex-wife.” mr. xiao smiled. “it’s been a long time since i last played chess with her.”

gu bailu had learned chess from her master, but of course, she wasn’t a good player. she never learned anything well.

she always asked to take it back when she made the wrong move, and mr. xiao was quite amazed by the excuses she could come up with.

it had been a long time since he played chess with anyone after she left.

“i don’t think she’ll open the door for a man when it’s so late.”

mr. xiao raised an eyebrow. “that’s you. she won’t open the door for you whenever you visit her, but she’ll open it for me.”

they had spent a few months together in the cave, and gu bailu absolutely trusted in mr. xiao’s integrity.

if they cared about their reputation, he should’ve married her after months of living together.

however, mr. xiao didn’t care about that, and nor did gu bailu. neither of them thought it was a big deal.

but of course, someone else didn’t agree.

“i think it’s best you stay here, mr. xiao, or i might not be able to find you tomorrow.” feng qingtian had only been courteous at first, but he now insisted that mr. xiao stay.

he wouldn’t let the man go to gu bailu.

mr. xiao frowned. “it seems i misspoke.”

“ye ying, prepare a room for mr. xiao. you’ll be at his service tonight,” feng qingtian instructed.

was he going to be monitored?

mr. xiao shook his head. it seemed that he truly had misspoken.

he asked, unwilling to let it go, “you still have feelings for your ex-wife?”

feng qingtian smiled coldly. “ye ying, take mr. xiao to his room.”

ye ying was about to take mr. xiao out, when a person barged in and almost crashed into her.

“ye hua, why are you here?”

ye hua was capable of stealth, so feng qingtian had asked her to follow the former princess.

he hadn’t called her back even after the former princess left.

“my lord, something happened to the former princess. a bunch of ghostly people took her away.”

feng qingtian’s face changed. “what did you say? gu bailu was captured? by whom?”

“it was on her way back to her house. the enemy’s very strong and can absorb their target’s spiritual power. the former princess couldn’t hold them off… i didn’t think i could beat them either, so i came back to report.”

“where did they go?” feng qingtian clenched his fists.