Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 438 - I Can“t Hold On Anymore

Gu Bailu was shocked too. How could they absorb their enemy’s spiritual power?

That certainly wasn’t easy to deal with.

“Yin Neng, do you have any solutions?”

Yin Neng had a wealth of knowledge after living for so long.

“I’ve never seen such strange spiritual power in my whole life. I don’t have a way to deal with how their spiritual power absorbs others.”

Even Yin Neng had no solutions?

Gu Bailu only had support spells, which weren’t much help if Yin Neng didn’t have the capability himself.

No matter how much spiritual power she could give Yin Neng, the enemy would only absorb it.

Ah Luo was running out of spiritual power as well. “My lady, run. I can hold them off for a while.”

“Don’t be silly. I can never leave you behind.”

She would rather die with Ah Luo. Besides, they might not kill her since they wanted to catch her alive.

But if she ran after leaving Ah Luo behind, Ah Luo would definitely be killed after she was caught.

Gu Bailu thought of hiding in the Soul Collecting Bracelet, but even if she did, the enemy could still take the bracelet with them.

It was impossible for her to hide in the Soul Collecting Bracelet forever.

“My lady, go now, or neither of us can run away!” Ah Luo shouted anxiously. “Have Shao Di come and save me.”

“No, I would rather be caught.”

As she spoke, Gu Bailu looked at the men in ghost masks with her Heavenly Eye, and was frightened by what she saw.

Even if she wasn’t scared of real ghosts, there was no way she could remain calm at the horrifying sight.

Their faces were rotting, with green fungi growing on them.

They might not be human at all.

The man in the white mask didn’t move from under the lamp the entire time, and didn’t join the battle at all.

Gu Bailu couldn’t even see his face, much less the thoughts in his head.

The Heavenly Eye didn’t work on him at all.

Now that her Heavenly Eye had leveled up, she was able to see the thoughts of most people.

The images she saw might be unclear, but there were few people that she couldn’t see through at all.

This man in the white mask might be on the same level as Gu Yunjing and Prince Zi.

If he was so strong as a minor captain of a team, how terrifying was the real boss who was behind him?

For the first time, Gu Bailu realized how formidable her enemy, who had easily annihilated the Gu family, was.

Was that why her master had been imprisoned on Futu Island even though he was so strong?

So, the Sky Splitting Mirror was priceless.

“Girl, I can’t hold out much longer.” A bead of sweat rolled down Yin Neng’s forehead, indicating that he was running out of spiritual power.

Ah Luo’s face was pale as well.

Gu Bailu called Yin Neng back and said, “You two get some rest. I’ll take it from here.”

She had no spiritual power, so the enemy would have nothing to absorb.

Drawing a cross in front of her chest, Gu Bailu chanted, “The power of life to establish an array…”

A big glowing star appeared under her feet. Light rose up from the edges of the star to surround her.

Hiding behind the light, Gu Bailu threw offensive runes at the ghost soldiers.

The ghost soldiers attacked her while dodging the runes, but all their attacks dissolved when they entered the array.