Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 436 - Yan Anchun Isn’t Dead

Gu Bailu didn’t know what she should say about the transition period during those few months. Though he was quite mean, she was quite grateful to him since she wouldn’t have been able to survive without him.

“My lady, there is only one Mr. Xiao in this world,” Ah Luo said matter-of-factly.

Gu Bailu believed her.

“He saved our lives. We have to pay him a visit.”

Making up her mind, Gu Bailu took Ah Luo to Prince Zi’s house.

Nobody was in front of Prince Zi’s house, but the stores and teahouses around Prince Zi’s place were all crowded.

People hadn’t seen Gu Bailu for days since the accident, so their interest was piqued when they saw her again.

“The former Princess Zi is here. What’s she doing here?”

“Probably to see if the new princess is dead. She’ll still have a chance if the new princess is dead.”

“She might be the one who did it. It’s strange that Prince Zi didn’t do anything in the last few days.”

“Prince Zi is probably too worried about the princess’s injuries. He won’t let go of anyone once he has the time to think about it.”

“I heard that the National Counselor performed a divination and said that it was heavens’ will and not anyone’s doing.”

Standing in front of the gate to Prince Zi’s house, Gu Bailu looked inside.

Other people couldn’t see anything because of the high gate and wall.

Gu Bailu could see through the gate with her Heavenly Eye, but she couldn’t see a lot of things because Prince Zi’s house was too big.

Gu Bailu looked around.

“Ah Luo, take me to the top of that teahouse.”

Ah Luo leapt up to the top of the teahouse with Gu Bailu for a look at Prince Zi’s house. Gu Bailu saw the beautiful garden and several guards.

She instinctively searched for Feng Qingtian, as Yan Anchun had to be with him, and Mr. Xiao must’ve been invited to save her.

She found him.

In the backyard, Feng Qingtian and Mr. Xiao sat opposite each other in a room, and there was a person on the bed. Gu Bailu couldn’t see her face, but it looked like it was ruined.

Naturally, she couldn’t hear what Feng Qingtian and Mr. Xiao were talking about since they were too far away.

She could see them with her Heavenly Eye, but she couldn’t make out their expressions.

Gu Bailu confirmed two things.

First, Yan Anchun wasn’t dead yet, but it seemed that her face was completely ruined.

Second, Mr. Xiao was here to treat Yan Anchun.

There was thus no hope for Gu Bailu. Considering how much Feng Qingtian loved Yan Anchun, he wouldn’t give her up even if she turned into a cow.

However, Gu Bailu didn’t plan to go back yet. She was waiting for Mr. Xiao.

She could learn the details from Mr. Xiao.

The teahouse that the little fox managed wasn’t far away from Prince Zi’s house, and Gu Bailu went there.

After lunch, Gu Bailu took a nap, but Mr. Xiao still didn’t come out.

“It seems that he’ll be staying over,” Gu Bailu thought to herself.

But she didn’t want to go back. What if Mr. Xiao came out after she returned to her house?

He didn’t seem like the sort of person to sleep in someone else’s house.

But Mr. Xiao still didn’t come out after night fell, and all the servants who had been waiting for news had gone back.

Gu Bailu could only return to her house too. She found Prince Zi’s house unusually quiet.

Considering Feng Qingtian’s personality, how could he remain calm when a mishap like this had befallen the woman he loved?

Gu Bailu yawned in the carriage and decided to let it go, as it wasn’t her place to tell Prince Zi what to do.