Divine retribution didn’t usually happen to human beings, because they could barely do anything that would hurt the celestials.

If anyone caused the celestials harm, though, they might suffer divine retribution.

So, whoever suffered divine retribution had to be extraordinary.

Yan Anchun was definitely extraordinary. She was Prince Zi’s former lover.

Considering Prince Zi’s and Shao Di’s status in the human world at the moment, they must’ve been supreme years back.

As Prince Zi’s former lover, Yan Anchun had been separated from him for years even though they loved each other, so she must’ve done something horrible.

Had the celestials learned of Yan Anchun’s high-profile wedding, and decided to kill her with a bolt of lightning?

If that were true… Hadn’t Feng Qingtian seen it coming at all?

Feng Qingtian’s memories had been restored, right?

Gu Bailu wished that Gu Yunjing were here. He would certainly know what was going on.

However, Gu Yunjing had returned to Cloud Mirror Academy and hadn’t come back yet.

Gu Bailu simply told someone to wait outside Prince Zi’s house while she read Unusual Natural Phenomena in the study.

The author of the book seemed to be an admirer of the goddess, but his story was unfinished. It stopped abruptly after he won a few battles to save mankind and was raised up for it.

In the end, the author wrote, “Something happened to my goddess. I have to rescue her.”

The story was disjointed and the handwriting was bad, but the skills that the protagonist used were quite familiar to Gu Bailu.

Two days passed, and there was no word from Prince Zi’s house. Prince Zi didn’t even go to the royal palace.

The emperor sent someone to Prince Zi’s house. Nobody else entered.

Since no news could be learned from Prince Zi’s house, a lot of people tried the royal palace, only to learn that Prince Zi was accompanying Princess Zi who was severely injured.

Severely injured?

That meant that she wasn’t dead.

Then why hadn’t the royal doctors been sent to treat her if she was still alive?

While everybody was feeling puzzled, somebody whom everybody in the world knew went to Prince Zi’s house on the third day.

“Mr. Xiao?” Gu Bailu’s eyes widened as she looked at the servant who was reporting to her. “Is it really Mr. Xiao?”

“Yes, it’s precisely that Mr. Xiao, the World’s Evilest Doctor. It’s said that he can bring the dead back to life. He’s also captivatingly attractive.”

“Ah Luo, is this Mr. Xiao the one that we know?” Gu Bailu asked Ah Luo.

She had fallen into an enormous pit at the very beginning. She didn’t know how deep the pit was, but her body had shattered when she hit the bottom.

The pit was quite spacious. It also had a beautiful lake. The sunlight above was quite beautiful.

Apart from the pool, there were tables and chairs, and Ah Luo had been washing clothes by the lake.

She cried out “My lady…” when she saw Gu Bailu, and jumped at her.

Gu Bailu passed out. After she woke up, she learned that it was Mr. Xiao who had saved her and Ah Luo.

Both of them had fallen from above and Mr. Xiao didn’t know anything about them at all, yet he had saved them, claiming that it was destiny.

Mr. Xiao definitely wasn’t a good guy. Gu Bailu had suffered a lot when she was with him.

She had to cook and wash clothes for him every day. If he couldn’t sleep at night, she even had to play chess with him.