Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 434 - Unusual Natural Phenomena

“Prince Zi must be pissed that something like this happened during his wedding.”

“Prince Zi seemed dumbfounded too. He didn’t move at all.”

“The bride is doomed.”

“I think that piece of garbage is behind everything. She broke into Prince Zi’s house and caused a mess yesterday.”

Gu Bailu was lost for words.

Do you really think I’m capable of calling lightning down to strike someone?

If she were really capable of that, she would hit the king of turtles instead of Yan Anchun.

Would she become a suspect if Yan Anchun died?

If she did, she wouldn’t be able to explain it.

It was a good thing that Ah Luo had insisted on having pork. If anybody investigated, Gu Bailu had been eating at the party at the time, and had no opportunity to commit any crime.

Gu Bailu quickly left with Ah Luo before anyone saw her, in case she was surrounded later.

The crowd outside Prince Zi’s house soon dispersed as well. Many noble families left one or two servants behind for updates on the matter.

Gu Bailu also deployed a servant and told him to inform her once he obtained any news.

Everything happened so abruptly that it felt surreal to Gu Bailu when she returned home.

Now that she thought about it, her return to the Gu house had felt surreal too.

That woman named Yan Anchun just happened to drop by, and Feng Qingtian didn’t question her identity at all.

They were deeply in love with each other from the moment they met.

Feng Qingtian even displayed their love publicly, as if he was worried that people wouldn’t know that he had found his true love.

Then, they got married in a hurry.

However, such a terrible accident happened to the bride before the wedding ceremony was completed?

Was this heaven’s punishment for their audacity?

Gu Bailu just hoped that Yan Anchun hadn’t been killed. If she died, there was no telling what Feng Qingtian would do since he loved her so much.

It was possible that he would go on a killing spree of possible targets, and she was certainly among the suspects.

There was no word from Prince Zi’s house for the whole afternoon. The gate remained tightly shut.

Gu Bailu found a book titled “Unusual Natural Phenomena” in the study. It was a book that was passed down in the Gu house, but had barely been read.

When Gu Bailu found the book, it was already covered in dust, and the paper was yellow.

It was a book written with poor penmanship, but Gu Bailu was still able to read it.

The book was basically the story of the rise of a downtrodden man. He was saved by a goddess, who taught him a lot of abilities and skills, and after his spiritual power soared, he was able to predict the future.

The goddess had taught him the skills so that he could rescue mankind, who were killing each other all the time.

Apart from that, the book also elaborated on what divine retribution was in great detail.