Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 433 - The Bride Was Struck

Gu Bailu ran forward through the crowd, wondering where the strange lightning had come from and if Feng Qingtian was fine.

Was it someone’s doing? Or was it a natural phenomenon?

On her way, there were screams as some people ran and some trembled on the ground, unable to move at all.

The reception was a mess. Nobody had time for food anymore. The tables and chairs were all knocked aside, and Ah Luo’s favorite pork rolled over the ground.

Gu Bailu was going to run through the crowd to check the hall, but more people were running out, pale with disbelief.

Some children were wailing in their parents’ arms.

Gu Bailu tried to squeeze through the crowd, but was only pushed further back.

She quickly looked at the children. In their heads, she saw a multi-colored lightning bolt hit the bride dead on, and the hall was horribly dark, as if it were hell.

The bride was then enveloped in light after a scream, and couldn’t clearly be seen any longer.

The children didn’t see Feng Qingtian at all. They were already too scared to think about other people.

The Ye guards appeared out of nowhere and began to usher the guests out of the house.

“The wedding has been postponed due to an accident. Please get out of Prince Zi’s house ASAP.”

Ah Luo protected Gu Bailu in case anyone bumped into her. She said angrily, “My lady, a lot of pork is ruined.”

“Ah Luo, why do you think this happened?”

Everybody was quickly leaving the house, but no one was talking. They were all in a hurry to flee.

Gu Bailu was too far away from the hall. She was only able to confirm that something had happened to Yan Anchun with her Heavenly Eye, and she was pushed out by the crowd before she saw Feng Qingtian.

She wondered if she could check it out with her teleportation rune, but the Ye guards were driving people away in an orderly manner, as if they had been prepared for such a mess.

Ah Luo said matter-of-factly, “My lady, that’s divine retribution. The bride can’t be anything good. Only the evilest people suffer divine retribution.”

If what Ah Luo said was true, this wasn’t anyone’s doing, but was the will of nature?

Divine retribution was really a thing in this world.

She remembered the dream that haunted her: She was burning in the Fire of Hell because of something terrible she had done.

Everybody soon left Prince Zi’s house, and the gate was closed.

But the guests were still shocked, and they started whispering to each other.

“It seems that the bride isn’t blessed to be Princess Zi.”

“That’s not necessarily true. It could’ve been someone who did it. Didn’t the former Princess Zi strike Ronghua Tower with lightning last time?”

“That piece of garbage certainly wouldn’t dare do such a thing in Prince Zi’s house.”

“You were in the hall. You must’ve seen it clearly. What happened, exactly?”

“I saw a lightning strike. Then, the hall turned dark and creepy. My ears were humming, and I couldn’t move at all under an enormous pressure. I couldn’t see anything either, but when I could see again, I saw that the bride’s face was gone…

“Not just her face. Blood was pouring out of her whole body, as if she had just been smashed by something heavy. Then, Guard Qin took her away. I don’t know what happened next.”