Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 432 - They’re Really Getting Married

The crowd had no time for gossip right now as they were busy picking up the wedding coins.

Fruit and coins were left behind in the parade’s wake, and many people scrambled to pick them up behind the sedan chairs.

It was livelier than ever.

Gu Bailu saw a red horse trot by in front of her. The bridegroom on the horse was as gorgeous as ever, the big cheesy flower on his chest not detracting from his handsomeness at all.

Feng Qingtian was indeed second to none in terms of looks.

Gu Bailu decided to let it go. After all, she had slept with such a pretty boy for so long without needing to pay for it.

She followed the parade all the way to Prince Zi’s house and watched Feng Qingtian escort his bride into the house carefully while the matchmakers said propitious words behind them.

Many guests entered the house as well. It was said that the royal chefs had been hired for the wedding.

“Ah Luo, let’s go back.” Gu Bailu didn’t want to go in as she hadn’t been invited.

Ah Luo, however, pulled on her sleeve. “My lady, I want to eat pork. The pork in our house isn’t as delicious as the one in Prince Zi’s.”

Gu Bailu dropped her forehead into her hand. “Didn’t you just bring back dragon meat from Cloud Mirror Academy? How can pork compare with dragon meat?”

“There’s not enough dragon meat. I’m saving it for my lady. I want to have pork.” Ah Luo clutched her sleeve and wouldn’t let go.

She had never been so wilful before. Gu Bailu thought that she must be really hungry.

The previous cooks in the Gu house had left, and the new ones weren’t very good at their job.

However… was it really appropriate for the former Princess Zi to visit Prince Zi’s house without being invited?

While she was hesitating, Ah Luo had already pulled her to the gate of Prince Zi’s house.

When Gu Bailu hesitated again, Ah Luo dragged her into the house as if it were her own place.

…Hm, she really hadn’t come voluntarily.

Why didn’t anybody stop her? Could just anybody enter Prince Zi’s house right now?

Actually, that was true for today. Everybody was free to enjoy a meal at Prince Zi’s house.

However, not everybody had the courage to enter.

Gu Bailu sat down at the least conspicuous table in a corner with Ah Luo.

It was truly embarrassing that she had come to her ex-husband’s wedding for food.

Those who didn’t know her might think that she still had feelings for him, or that she was here to create trouble.

“Did I see the former Princess Zi just now?” someone whispered.

Gu Bailu’s ears were very sharp right now, allowing her to catch whatever people said.

“Really? She’s shameless enough to come here? She’s not here to cause trouble, is she?”

Gu Bailu pouted. I’m not a troublemaker; I’m only here for the pork because Ah Luo loves it.

“I just saw her. I’m certain it’s her. She must be hiding.”

Gu Bailu sat up straight and said to Ah Luo, “Ah Luo, finish quickly, and let’s get out of here.”

She really didn’t want to hear the whispers, but they kept pouring into her ears.

Up front, the wedding host said in a shrill voice, “The first bow to the heavens and the earth.”

Gu Bailu slightly frowned. After the ritual, they would be a real couple…

“My lady, I’m done. Let’s go,” Ah Luo said with her mouth full.

Gu Bailu stood up. Although she said she was fine, she didn’t really want to watch them get married. She had a heart, after all.

They had barely stood up, when a bolt of lightning smashed the hall.

Everybody screamed, and Gu Bailu saw through the crowd that the bride in her red wedding dress had been hit dead on by the lightning.