Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 430 - You“ve Lost Your Memory Ball


That definitely wasn’t true.

Would you be so frustrated if it’s great?

Why can’t a mighty lord have multiple women?

Qin Shou was in a foul mood, when he saw the new princess walking toward them. This woman, who had appeared out of nowhere, had pulled his lord from heaven to hell.

Though the rumor was that his lord and the new princess were deeply in love, he knew that his lord had never really been happy after the former princess left.

“My lord, the embroideresses have brought the wedding dress over. Check it out with me.”

She grabbed Feng Qingtian’s hand as she spoke.

Feng Qingtian hummed a response and didn’t object.

Walking behind them, Qin Shou watched them hold hands and felt that something was off.

They should be the perfect couple, but Qin Shou didn’t envy them as much as when he saw his lord with the former princess.

Really, when his lord and the former princess were together, even he wanted a wife.

Exactly what had gone wrong?

Gu Bailu was as perplexed as Qin Shou was.

“Why is Feng Qingtian too scared to see me?” She felt that things weren’t as simple as they appeared.

Feng Qingtian had no reason to hide from her. He probably didn’t think that he owed her anything.

He had seemed very self-confident when he saw her in the teahouse the other day.

If he felt that he owed her something, he wouldn’t have gotten Shao Zun to drive out the man she had chosen.

It seemed that he was hiding something.

He had been unwilling to talk to her face to face since that woman caught him in the secret chamber the other day.

“Did he make you a promise, but failed to fulfill it?”

Gu Bailu nodded. “Yes, he did.”

He promised that he would never abandon her even if his former lover showed up.

However, he let her go without any hesitation.

“Prince Zi is a man of his word. If he can’t fulfill his promise, he’ll be too ashamed to see the person,” said Gu Yunjing.

Gu Bailu asked uncertainly, “Is that right?”

He had been keeping a distance from her because he felt guilty?

But if he felt guilty, why would he publicly display his love and put her in an awkward position?

“Yes. He did exactly the same to me before.”

Gu Bailu asked curiously, “How long have you known each other?”

“I’ve never counted. Years are but a number to us. It’s not important.”

He only remembered the last one hundred and fifty years, because he had counted every single one of them.

“Who were you?”

They must’ve been big shots in the past considering how strong and powerful they were at this point.

“Us? Not just us, but you as well. We didn’t belong to this dimension in the past.”

Gu Bailu was shocked. “Me, too?”

“We know each other right now because we knew each other in the past. Your fate in each life is predestined by all the things in your past lives.”

“So, I probably knew Feng Qingtian in the past?”

Gu Yunjing nodded unwillingly.

“Then why don’t I remember him at all?”

“Because you don’t have your memory ball.”

“Huh? What’s a memory ball?”

Gu Yunjing touched her head. “It’s the part of your soul which contains your memories. But for some reason, you’ve lost it.”