Feng Qingtian smiled in disdain. “Do I need to dual cultivate?”

“You don’t, but I do. I don’t think that you’ve forgotten our deal, though it’s been a long time.”

Feng Qingtian’s neck tensed. “I remember what I said. Don’t play any tricks. Don’t force me to attack you.”

“So you really are anxious about her?” Shao Di’s face tightened and his eyes became indecipherable.

“I do not allow other people to bully my people.”

Shao Di sneered. “Then, I won’t let her go. Let’s see how ruthless you can be.”

Feng Qingtian glanced at him. “You mean this is the end of our deal?”

Shao Di suddenly grabbed his waist and jerked. “Tell me who she is.”

“You don’t have to know. I’ll fulfill my part of the deal, but stay out of my business.”

Shao Di smiled. “I know that you’re not a heartless man. After all these years…”

“Hey, why don’t you hurry up? You better start doing instead of talking.”

Shao Di was interrupted by a new voice. He tilted his head, only to discover a muddy Gu Bailu sitting at the door threshold in excitement.

Her eyes were clear and lively, as if she was enjoying the most interesting drama.

Gu Bailu couldn’t take it anymore. She had been watching for a long time, but they were still talking.

Why did men talk so much?

They should simply do it.

She was looking forward to what might happen next.

Shao Di was stunned. “Why are you here?”

Nobody would dare release her without his command. Yunjian was the most impenetrable prison. How did she get out?

“Because I knew that there would be a good performance here. Just hurry up,” Gu Bailu urged.

Shao Di sniffed. “You came out of nowhere. How can we continue?”

Feng Qingtian stared at Gu Bailu, trying to catch something in her eyes, but he saw nothing but curiosity.

Gu Bailu was filled with regrets. “Well… You were too slow. Excuse me. I should’ve watched in silence.”

The performance of the year was gone.

Feng Qingtian let go of Shao Di and stood up. “Is that all you care about?”

Gu Bailu jumped up and rushed over, holding his arm. “Qingqing, you’re here to save me, right? I always knew that you’re a good person.”

Feng Qingtian dropped her. “It seems that I shouldn’t have come at all.”

“Why? I sensed you from the dungeon and ran over.”

Gu Bailu herself found that incredible.

She had sensed Feng Qingtian upon his arrival, and she teleported to the door after drawing a rune in the prison.

“Let’s go.” Feng Qingtian pulled her hand and walked out.

Gu Bailu looked back at Shao Di. He slowly combed out his messy hair and followed them. “Why don’t you leave after dinner? You can’t get the food here from anywhere else.”