Gu Bailu turned back and saw a beautiful woman.

That hadn’t been easy. She had finally drawn the woman out with everything she had done.

“Let’s see if you’re capable of taking me down.” Gu Bailu waved her hand and threw a few transparent runes at her.

What was wrong with Feng Qingtian? Why was he hiding behind a woman?

Was it impossible for her to have a nice conversation with him?

Naturally, the guards blocked Gu Bailu’s attack for Yan Anchun, who said calmly behind the guards, “You’ve lived in Prince Zi’s house too. You should know that this isn’t a place that you can mess around in.”

She looked at Ye Huai. “General Ye, are you going to watch someone destroy the lord’s home without doing anything?”

Ye Huai coughed and said, “I didn’t know that she was so savage.”

She had destroyed the lord’s room so quickly, when Feng Qingtian had slept in that room for twenty years.

He had never slept anywhere else, except the pink cottage that the former princess liked.

Now, the room had been reduced to rubble.

Ye Huai felt that he was partly responsible.

“Can you at least capture her?” Yan Anchun looked at Ye Huai sharply.

Ye Huai certainly couldn’t refuse the order. He couldn’t be polite with Gu Bailu anymore.

Besides, she had destroyed the lord’s home, after all.

So, he had to change his attitude.

Ye Huai gravely summoned his sword. “Former Princess Zi, you know the rules of this house. I don’t want to hurt you. Do you surrender, or do you want to fight?”

Gu Bailu stepped back and said, “Beauty, you take care of this one. I’ll deal with the soldiers.”

Ye Huai shivered slightly. He felt enormous pressure dealing with Shao Di.

Yan Anchun yelled, “What are you waiting for? Your dinner?”

Ye Huai turned grim and swung his sword.

Gu Yunjing blocked the sword with a red light, and a sword appeared in his right hand as he didn’t give Ye Huai a chance to launch another attack.

In the meantime, Gu Bailu threw out countless runes at the Ye guards who were charging at her.

Yan Anchun stood silently, and even as the battle grew heated, Feng Qingtian still didn’t come out.

“Is Feng Qingtian the king of turtles? He’s not coming out when his home is almost ruined?” Gu Bailu asked Yan Anchun while she dealt with the Ye guards.

Yan Anchun curled her lip. “He has no time for you.”

“He hired Shao Zun to mess with my life when he has no time for me? You should get your man under control and stop him causing trouble for me.”

When Yan Anchun had said that she was his former lover, Gu Bailu had given her place away without complaint.

She was like the model ex-wife in this world.

Yet, she hadn’t been rewarded for her kindness.

With an odd expression in her eyes, Yan Anchun said, “I think you’re just paranoid. How can he mess with your life? He’s too occupied with me every day.”

“You dare not admit what you’ve done?” Gu Bailu dashed up to Yan Anchun and said, “Yin Neng, capture her.”

Yin Neng immediately appeared behind Yan Anchun and grabbed her neck. He couldn’t help but frown.

“If I scratch this pretty face, that king of turtles will probably stop hiding.”