Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 427 - Why Did They Run When They Saw Me

Was she back to cause trouble now that she had someone to back her up?

“Princess Zi… Why are you here?” Though his master was hiding, Ye Huai had to deal with her as his master’s guard.

There was no telling where Qin Shou had gone, either.

Why was everybody in Prince Zi’s house a coward?

“Get Feng Qingtian for me.” Gu Bailu felt that she needed to make things clear with Feng Qingtian, who didn’t seem to consider the divorce notice she gave him a big deal.

Ye Huai looked at Ye Ying and asked, “Where is Prince Zi?”

“He’s resting with the princess in the room.” Ye Ying lowered her head, not daring to look at Gu Bailu.

She had served Gu Bailu as her true master at the beginning, and still thought of her as such.

However, that woman stood on the opposite side now.

“Princess Zi, why don’t you wait in the drawing room for a moment? It may be inconvenient for the lord to meet guests right now…”

Ye Huai barely finished his sentence, when an invisible rune was thrown out, smashing the door to pieces.

How ruthless. Ye Huai sweated hard.

He hurriedly looked inside the room. The bed was surrounded by the gauze curtains. Nobody was in the room.

The smell of blood spread out of the room.

Gu Bailu flashed into the room with a teleportation rune.

It was exactly as she had seen with the Heavenly Eye from outside: Nobody was inside. The bed was empty, even though the gauze had been let down.

There were both men and women’s clothes on the floor.

They were indeed having sex in the middle of the day.

Gu Bailu laughed in fury. “Beauty Gu, why do I feel like I’m a wife catching my husband cheating on me? That shameless couple ran off the moment they saw me.”

Shao Di was amused too. “They’re indeed shameless.”

Ye Huai’s lips twitched. Exactly where did the shameless couple go?

This is your own home, and you’re lawfully wedded husband and wife. Why are you running away from the former Princess Zi?

Are you feeling guilty?

“Ye Huai, what on earth is your master thinking?” Gu Bailu asked in bafflement.

Ye Huai was dumbfounded. “I really don’t know what he’s up to or where he went. You can search the house for them…

“They may be taking their pleasure elsewhere because the room is too small for them…” Ye Huai didn’t hesitate to go further.

Gu Bailu cast infinite runes in the room and pulled Gu Yunjing away. “Let’s run!”

Gu Yunjing flew out of the room with her, and bricks fell one after another as the room collapsed!

The guards were still expressionless, but they were all lost for words.

Ye Huai was covered in dust as he had been too slow to retreat.

“Princess Zi, that was very inconsiderate of you. You could’ve let me know…” Ye Huai wiped off the dust on his face.

Gu Bailu snorted. “Why would I inform an enemy?”

While keeping his hand on her hip, Gu Yunjing took out a handkerchief with his other hand and wiped her sweat for her. He could see that she had exhausted herself with that previous attack.

“You destroyed Prince Zi’s room. Are you not going to run?” Ye Huai turned grim.

“You think they can run? Take her down!” a woman shouted from behind them.