Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 426 - Attacking Prince Zi“s House

Now, he was playing tricks when she had found another man?

He had hired someone as annoying as Shao Zun. Did he really think that she could be suppressed?

You think you can hire someone to come after me when you’re unhappy?

I’m unhappy, but did I sabotage your relationship?

Gu Bailu was really pissed.

“Let’s go.” Gu Yunjing certainly wouldn’t turn down such a request. By taking him with her, Gu Bailu would be announcing his identity to the world.

Although he was just a trophy husband, Gu Yunjing felt that it was worth it as long as it could piss Feng Qingtian off.

When Gu Bailu ran over to Prince Zi’s house with Gu Yunjing, Prince and Princess Zi were still in their room.

Gu Bailu was more than angry when she heard that. This man sent someone to ruin her life when he was enjoying his own with a beautiful woman. That was outrageous.

If her new husband were Wang Dachong, the little fox, or anyone else who wasn’t Gu Yunjing and couldn’t compete with him, he might’ve been even more brazen.

Passers-by gathered once again outside Prince Zi’s house.

“Do you see the gorgeous man with the former Princess Zi? Do you know who he is?”

“Shao Di! That’s Shao Di from the Imperial Residence! Why would such a godly man want a woman whom Prince Zi threw out?”

“He must’ve liked her for a long time. He intentionally set up a garbage class for her, didn’t he?”

“I didn’t realize that so many men were attracted to her.”

“Is she here with Shao Di to challenge Prince Zi?”

“Who knows? Too bad I don’t dare go in. If only General Ye Huai were here.”

“Hey, are you all waiting for me?” As they spoke, Ye Huai appeared in a long robe. He even greeted everybody gracefully.

The descendants of the noble families in Pale Emperor City liked him best.

“The former Princess Zi led someone into Prince Zi’s house. Go see what’s happening.”

“Don’t be anxious. That’s precisely why I’m here. Prince Zi is kind of dangerous right now. I’ll take care of it first.”

Ye Huai had also received the message that the former Princess Zi had taken Shao Di into Prince Zi’s house, and as the head of the guards, he naturally had to defend Prince Zi’s house.

“Feng Qingtian, what are you doing? You sent someone to ruin my life, and now you’re just lying low?”

Gu Bailu was able to enter Prince Zi’s house, but his room was closed off and defended by guards. He didn’t come out at all.

That was what Ye Huai saw when he entered.

The former Princess Zi was standing in front of the room with Shao Di, and Prince Zi didn’t even open the door.

He frowned slightly. Sometimes, even he couldn’t understand what his childhood playmate was up to.

When he had been deeply in love with the former princess, it seemed that he had willingly given her his heart.

But after he kicked her out, he seemed even more crazy in love with the new princess, as if he was telling the world that he couldn’t be separated from her.

The former princess was quite strange too. She left without any complaints after she was kicked out.

Ye Huai had thought that she would have a huge fight with Prince Zi for breaking her heart.

But she didn’t. She obediently returned to her own house and drove the people she disliked in the Gu house out of Pale Emperor City, before she married a new husband.

Then… Why had she returned today?