Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 425 - I Can“t Hold Back

“Who do you think it can be? You’re a handsome and powerful man. Why would you pick a woman who was tossed aside?” Su Shenfan almost sounded sorry for him.

Gu Yunjing glared at him. “Whatever price he offered, I’ll double it.”

“You’re making things difficult for me.” Su Shenfan frowned slightly.

“Difficult? You always work for whoever gives you the most money, don’t you?” Gu Yunjing was quite blunt.

“That’s true. But I want to earn money from the both of you. That’s why it’s difficult.” Su Shenfan smiled shrewdly.

Gu Yunjing gazed at him. “I’m on official business right now. If you want to step in, bring it on. Don’t think that I’m scared of you.”

Su Shenfan chuckled. “Of course you aren’t scared of me, but I have plenty of time. Cloud Mirror Academy goes on holiday tomorrow, right?”

Gu Yunjing’s face twisted. “Are we really going to do this?”

Su Shenfan spread his hands. “You know that the Earthly Residence has always been shameless. Wherever the disciples of Cloud Mirror Academy go, the assassins of the Earthly Residence will be there. So, you should go back and let them know right away.”

Gu Yunjing swung at him, and Su Shenfan evaded with a smile. “I’m only letting you know for old times’ sake; in any case, you’ll still need to go back tomorrow if it happens and I don’t let you know now.”

“Should I thank you for that?” Gu Yunjing’s pretty face was grim.

“I know that you aren’t scared of me, but the Earthly Residence has to carry out assignments by whatever means necessary.” Chuckling, Su Shenfan left after that.

Gu Yunjing clenched his fists. He really didn’t expect Prince Zi to be so shameless as to hire someone to kick him out.

What had he promised Su Shenfan for the latter to work so hard?

Gu Yunjing could only say goodbye to Gu Bailu. “There’s something going on at Cloud Mirror Academy. I have to go back.”

Gu Bailu chuckled. “Beauty Gu, that’s not very decent. You’re like one of the stereotypical guys who runs away after sleeping with a girl.”

Gu Yunjing said gloomily, “Prince Zi paid an enormous price to threaten me. I don’t want to go either.”

“You’re scared of him? Don’t be. I’ll protect you.” Gu Bailu waved her hand and declared, “You’re my man, after all.”

“How are you going to protect me?”

“I’ll cover you in a barrier. I guarantee that Prince Zi can’t break it.”

Gu Yunjing’s face darkened. “I’m not joking around.”

“Neither am I. Feng Qingtian has gone too far. I’m planning to challenge him.” Gu Bailu snorted.

Gu Yunjing sat down and asked, “How are you going to challenge him?”

“He played such a dirty trick as soon as I married a gorgeous man. I can’t hold back. Are you coming with me?”

Gu Bailu had had enough.

What had Feng Qingtian said to her at the beginning?

There were no former lovers, and even if his former lover showed up, he would treat Gu Bailu just the same.

He even swore that she was his former lover.

But she was kicked out like a dog the moment the right person appeared.

When she left, he didn’t even see her off or ask her to stay.

She could live with that, and she even held back when he showed up with his new lover and didn’t think about her pride.