Qin Shou didn’t want to see his lord deceive himself.

Making up his mind, he said, “In the morning, Ah Luo almost fought the man when she entered the room. She was silly and forgot that her lady was married…”

Staring at him coldly, Feng Qingtian suddenly grabbed his neck. “I’ll kill you if you speak nonsense again.”

“My lord, that is the fact even if you kill me.”

Feng Qingtian released him. “Who’s that man?”

“It’s… Shao Di.” Qin Shou had been reluctant to say who he was because the man was too tricky.

Feng Qingtian raised his voice. “Who?”

There was a hint of disbelief in his voice.

“Shao… Shao Di,” Qin Shou said again.

“F*ck!” Feng Qingtian kicked the chair that had already fallen on its side.

The chair shattered into smithereens.

Qin Shou was taken aback… His lord wasn’t exactly a gentleman, but he had never thrown around profanities.

Yet, he was cursing now… It seemed that a battle between him and Shao Di was inevitable.

Feng Qingtian ran out of the room like the wind, and Qin Shou failed to catch up to him.

Fearing that he might do something reckless in his rage, Qin Shou tried his best to keep up.

When he finally caught up to Feng Qingtian, he heard the princess’s voice. “My lord, I think you should calm down.”

Qin Shou found that odd. Why was his lord talking to the new princess after becoming enraged at finding out that the former princess had married another man?

Was his lord trying to persuade the new princess to share him with the former princess?

That was impossible. Neither the new princess nor the former one would ever share a husband.

Qin Shou felt sorry for his lord. The other lords all had multiple concubines, but the two women he liked couldn’t tolerate another woman.

If Qin Shou, as a guard, could see it clearly, it would be even more so for his lord. Then why had his lord gone to the new princess?

There was no longer any sound from the room. It was hard to tell whether a sound barrier had been put up, or if his lord had calmed down.

Soon, the door opened, and Feng Qingtian walked out. He said coldly, “Qin Shou, to the Earthly Residence.”

“Huh?” Qin Shou was stunned. Why was the Earthly Residence involved in this?

“Ask Su Shenfan to get Gu Yunjing out of there. I’ll accept whatever terms he offers.”

“Ah…” Qin Shou really couldn’t understand.

If his lord didn’t want Shao Di hanging around the former princess, he could drive the other man away or get the former princess back himself.

Why did his lord have to ask for Shao Zun’s help?

That was a greedy man who wouldn’t hesitate to take advantage of him.

“Are you listening or not?” Feng Qingtian slapped him, and Qin Shou came back to himself.

“I’m on it.”

After Qin Shou left, Feng Qingtian paced back and forth in the yard, and wondered if it was true.

Given his understanding of Gu Bailu, she wouldn’t sleep with another man so quickly.

However, it was possible that she had done it because she was infuriated by him and Yan Anchun.

But if she was infuriated, that would mean that she had feelings for him.

Therefore, he couldn’t blame her even if she really did.

The person to blame was the sordid Gu Yunjing, who went back on his promise.