Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 422 - The Former Princess Zi Had Sex with Someone Else

When the sun rose, everybody in Pale Emperor City learned that the lady of the Gu family had married a gorgeous man and had stayed up all night with him.

Feng Qingtian walked gloomily out of the royal palace, wondering which bold man had dared to touch Gu Bailu.

He clenched his fists, about to go mad.

Why did nobody report this to him? He had said that no man was allowed to approach the Gu house.

“My… My lord?” Behind him, Qin Shou was apprehensive, as he knew that something big was going to happen.

His lord still regarded the former princess as his woman, though he had tossed her aside. Now, his woman had slept with another man.

What would his lord do?

Would he go crazy?

“What are you still doing here? Go find out who that man is!”

Feng Qingtian was gloomy with destructive fury. Thankfully, the square was empty, or he would’ve frightened people to death.

Although he yelled, his voice was very low.

“Yes, my lord. Miss Gu must have taken the man into her house through our perimeter with her teleportation rune.”

So, the former princess must’ve been willing.

“Whoever he is, just kill him.”

Feng Qingtian gripped his clothes, his head a complete mess. He told himself not to lose control.

“Help me back to the residence.”

“Yes, my lord…” Qin Shou replied in shock.

He had never seen his lord so fragile that he couldn’t walk on his own, except the one time his lord ran out of spiritual power and fell into the woods, where the former Princess Zi happened upon him.

He had lived like a human being since then, with feelings and gentleness toward other people.

So, the former Princess Zi might still live in his heart. He didn’t want to give her to anybody else.

However, the former Princess Zi would never share a man with someone else.

Was that why his lord missed her all the time despite setting her free?

Feng Qingtian went to the secret chamber after returning to the house.

Yan Anchun followed him into the secret chamber after receiving the news.

“Prince Zi, do you still have feelings for her?” asked Yan Anchun gravely.

Feng Qingtian shook his head. “No.”

“You better figure out what you’re doing. I’ll leave if you still have feelings for her,” said Yan Anchun solemnly.

Feng Qingtian grabbed her elbow. “No, I need you. Don’t go.”

“Then don’t let me know that you’re thinking about her again, or I won’t stay.”

Yan Anchun shook off his hand and looked at his weak appearance. “You really look horrible.”

She walked out of the secret chamber angrily.

Feng Qingtian buried his face in his hands. He had to kill that man. He had to.

Feng Qingtian soon came out of the secret chamber, and Qin Shou asked in concern, “My lord, how are you?”

“I’m fine. How is your investigation going? Is it… true?” Feng Qingtian hesitated when he asked.

Qin Shou lowered his head, not daring to look at him. “It seems to be true. The former princess took him back early last night. They had a marriage ceremony, and at night…”

Qin Shou didn’t dare continue.

“Speak!” Feng Qingtian’s fingernails dug into his palms.

“According to the maids, there were… sounds, from her room throughout the night.”

“That’s impossible!” Feng Qingtian swept away all the items in front of him. “There’s no way Gu Bailu would allow another man to touch her. It’s impossible.”

He knew that Gu Bailu wasn’t a hussy and wouldn’t let another man touch her.

She told Wang Dachong that she wouldn’t marry again!