Not only did she take advantage of him, she also had someone else replace her.

He had thought that he would at least be able to listen to her voice even if he couldn’t sleep with her.

He should’ve known that the woman wouldn’t give in so easily.

“Hehe. I asked you to complete the marriage ritual, but you refused.”

“Is that a real marriage ritual?” Gu Yunjing snorted when she gave that excuse.

The marriage ritual was obviously fake.

“Haha, don’t be angry. You’re here to comfort me, right? I’m already comforted.”

Gu Bailu couldn’t feel any more comfortable after getting back at Feng Qingtian.

If you can find a sweet new lover and show her off to the whole world, so can I!

“You never hold back, do you?” remarked Gu Yunjing helplessly.

Gu Bailu lay on her bed and closed her eyes. “I’m exhausted after a night of training. I’m going to sleep. Do as you like.”

Having stayed a couple of nights before at Gu Yunjing’s palace, Gu Bailu was quite confident that he wouldn’t do anything against her wishes.

She quickly fell asleep.

Naturally, Gu Yunjing couldn’t fall asleep, and simply watched her.

She looked completely different from her previous life, but she was just as beautiful.

He was truly reluctant to give in. Had he lost in this life again?

But why? He was as good as Feng Qingtian in every aspect.

Well, perhaps except for his lack of sexual experience.

Was that why he lost?

Gu Yunjing stood up and sat down next to the bed. He drew near to Gu Bailu and smelled her scent.

It was like he remembered.

He gently pushed Gu Bailu to one side and lay down next to her.

Ah Luo came in to tell Gu Bailu that food was ready, when she saw a man lying next to her lady. She punched him in shock. “Who are you? Why are you sleeping in my lady’s bed?”

Gu Yunjing was woken up by the punch, and he glared at her. “Quiet. You’ll wake her up.”

Recognizing who he was, Ah Luo approached him in delight. “Shao Di, why are you here? To deliver dragon meat to my lady?”

Gu Bailu was lost for words.

All you care about is dragon meat, when he’s sleeping with your master?

“Dragon meat? If you want, you can fetch some from Cloud Mirror Academy. They still have a huge stock of it,” said Gu Yunjing with a smile.

Ah Luo immediately ran off. “I’m going to Cloud Mirror Academy. My lady hasn’t been in a good mood; it must be because she’s missing dragon meat.”

Gu Bailu sat up and said, “I don’t miss dragon meat at all. She obviously wants it for herself.”

Gu Yunjing got up from the bed and smiled at her gently.

“Why are you in my bed?” Gu Bailu looked down and saw that she was still in her clothes.

“Didn’t you ask me to do as I like?”

Gu Bailu’s lips twitched. “So you got into my bed?”

She got out of bed, unable to fall asleep again after the fuss Ah Luo made.

“My lady, do you and your husband want breakfast now?” asked one of the maids.

H… Husband?

Gu Bailu looked back at Gu Yunjing.

Gu Yunjing raised an eyebrow. He didn’t really care how he was addressed.

“Just call him Beauty Gu in the future.”

Gu Yunjing was lost for words.

While I don’t really care, that title sounds so casual.

Beauty Gu…