Gu Bailu couldn’t figure it out. “Why did Shao Di attack someone as useless as me?”

“Who knows? The stronger someone is, the more abnormal they tend to be.”

Gu Bailu sighed. “That’s right. When one is lonely, they’re likely to be twisted.”

“Shao Di hit a bottleneck in his cultivation. It’s said that he needs someone to dual cultivate with.”

Gu Bailu gripped her arms. “Are you kidding me? I don’t have any spiritual power.”

She certainly wasn’t going to do it with someone who was 150-years-old.

“You’re overthinking it. Of course you’re not an option.”

Gu Bailu was relieved. “Things would be much more troublesome if I were a genius. I certainly wouldn’t be able to resist the temptation if handsome men everywhere wanted to dual cultivate…”

“For someone at Shao Di’s level, gender isn’t really a problem.”

“Are you saying that he can dual cultivate with men, too?”

“It has to be a tough man with immense talent in spiritual power.”

“So, his target is…”

A name popped into her head. Could it be him?

She was thinking too much! How could she be used as bait to lure that man in?

Outside the Imperial Residence, Qin Shou looked at the intimidating sign above the gate. It had been many years since he was last here.

Feng Qingtian didn’t bother to look at it and simply walked in.

The gate appeared open, but there were actually a lot of barriers to stop intruders.

A girl rushed into Shao Di’s room. “My lord, Prince Zi is here.”

Shao Di was still wearing the loose robe that revealed his shoulders and his chest.

The girl lowered her head, not daring to look at her master.

“He was faster than I expected.” Shao Di put down the sword. The purple light vanished after he let go, making it the same as any common sword.

He raised his head and put on a charming smile when Feng Qingtian arrived at the door, wearing an intimidating cape.

“You’re here.” Shao Di waved at him. “Have a taste of Snow Goddess Wine; it’s just been brewed.”

Feng Qingtian walked over and stared at him coldly. “Release her.”

“Release who?” Shao Di gave him the cup.

“What are your terms?” Feng Qingtian drank the wine, ignoring Shao Di’s pretense.

“What do you think?” Shao Di looked at him coyly.

Feng Qingtian put his hand on the table, and the sword on it immediately unsheathed itself and flew at Shao Di.

Instead of dodging, Shao Di simply lunged at Feng Qingtian. Caught unprepared, Feng Qingtian was tackled.

His eyes shone with fierce ruthlessness, but his sword stopped when it reached Shao Di’s back.

Shao Di smiled. “You cannot bear to kill me after all.”

“Try it.” Feng Qingtian flipped their positions and pressed him down, grabbing his neck with one hand. “This is as much as I will tolerate.”

Shao Di frowned. “We’re the best match in this world. The most beautiful people belong together.”

“If you dare do anything, I’ll ruin your years of training.”

“She’s just a piece of trash. Why are you so anxious? Can she dual cultivate with you?”