Gu Zongxiong, Ye Yunshu and Gu Wanqin were all pale. If their clothes were taken off, they would be naked.

Gu Zongxiong cursed out loud. “You bastard. You’ll be struck by lightning someday for treating your father like this.”

“Gu Zongxiong, you married your daughter off to a man who had syphilis. Do you think you’re worthy of being called a father? No, you’re barely an animal. Even animals don’t harm their young.”

Gu Zongxiong, however, didn’t feel that he was in the wrong at all. “I wouldn’t have done that if you were more obedient. You bastard, I should’ve killed you sooner!”

No matter how he yelled, they were still stripped naked in public.

“Shave their heads as well. Their hair grew from all the food they ate in my house.” Gu Bailu didn’t plan to let them off so easily.

Everybody was lost for words.

The former Princess Zi was too merciless and horrifying.

Gu Bailu didn’t mind being known for her ruthlessness at all, because it would mean that fewer people would mess with her.

There was no such thing as reason on this continent; those who were strong and powerful could do whatever they wanted.

She had been able to deal with Gu Zongxiong so easily probably because Wang Dachong had backed her up with his money.

If she had been as useless as before, she wouldn’t have been able to overthrow Gu Zongxiong, a general, so easily, even with Ye Yunshu’s statement.

Actually, she sensed that another powerful force was involved in this.

Maybe it was Prince Zi, or maybe it was another party.

Gu Bailu finally felt better after avenging her mother.

Unwilling to go home yet, she went to the teahouse to see what people were saying about her.

The little fox was so delighted that he personally cooked for her.

The little fox had learned a lot of skills since he started working for her. He was definitely a diligent youngster.

Gu Bailu felt sorry that she had asked him to seduce Ye Yunshu.

“My lady, don’t worry. I didn’t really sleep with that old and hideous woman. I enchanted her and had someone replace me every day.”

Gu Bailu’s eyes glowed. “Really? That’s fantastic.”

She was glad that she hadn’t ruined the innocent and pretty boy.

The little fox had several cups of wine with her, and told her that he had been cultivating to be a human because human life was more colorful.

Also, as a human, he could love another human. That was really wonderful.

He, for one, loved Gu Bailu.

“Stop loving me. Nothing can happen between us. You only think I’m great because you haven’t seen all the women out there.”

The little fox didn’t reply. There was nothing but a white fox sleeping on the table.

The fox was drunk, and had quickly reverted to his original form. Gu Bailu could only carry him home.

She was worried that something might happen to him if he was left alone in the teahouse.

The streetlights had already come on outside the teahouse. When Gu Bailu turned a corner, it was very quiet and nobody was around. She immediately grew wary.

Suddenly, countless bright lanterns appeared and flew into the sky. The brilliant orange lights warmed her heart.

Staring at the rising lanterns, Gu Bailu calmed down.

It was a beautiful world after all.

“Do you like them?” someone said next to her ear in a low voice.