Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 416 - They Can“t Take Anything

“I said that I would kick you and your daughter out of Pale Emperor City bare-handed.”

Ye Yunshu snorted. “You’re just garbage that’s been abandoned. You think I’m scared of you?”

Gu Bailu took out the title deeds from a box. “Your names are on the deeds. Some of them have been transferred to him. What do you think Gu Zongxiong will do if the world finds out about those deeds?

“What will happen to your precious daughter when the world finds out that her mother cheated on her father?”

Ye Yunshu’s face turned dark. “What do you want?”

“Write down the truth of how you and Gu Zongxiong killed my mother to acquire the Gu house.”

“In your dreams…”

“It’s up to you if you don’t want to write it. It’s very easy for me to finish you. If the deeds are made public, everybody will sympathize with Gu Zongxiong, and he can use your money to acquire more concubines, while you’ll be a dog that everybody spits on.”

Ye Yunshu’s determination faded.

Between the two options, she would rather be known for conspiring with Gu Zongxiong to kill her master than to be known as someone who had cheated on her husband.

In any case, she could argue that Gu Zongxiong had forced her to kill her master.

“Think about it carefully. I can take away your life at any moment.” Gu Bailu scratched the woman’s face with her sharp fingernails. “You know that I haven’t been in the best mood since I was abandoned.”

“Fine, I accept.”

Ye Yunshu wasn’t dumb. On the contrary, she was quite smart, otherwise she wouldn’t have been able to hold Gu Zongxiong’s attention for so many years.

She knew when to bend for her own good.

She had no claim on the Gu house assets anyway. She might be cursed for harming her master, but Gu Zongxiong would take most of the blame.

On the other hand, she alone bore the sin of adultery, and Gu Zongxiong might kill her for it.

She would rather be alive than dead.

Ye Yunshu wrote down what she and Gu Zongxiong had done on paper, and Gu Bailu had her sign her name on it.

She then escorted Ye Yunshu to the authorities and sued her and Gu Zongxiong.

It caused quite the sensation in Pale Emperor City when the former princess revealed the ugly things that her father and her stepmother had done.

With Ye Yunshu’s statement and Wang Dachong’s social connections, a verdict was soon handed out.

Ye Yunshu and Gu Zongxiong were found guilty of murder and were exiled. They couldn’t take anything from the Gu house with them.

Their daughter wasn’t involved in the murder, but she was convicted of causing harm to the daughter of the Gu family.

“It’s interesting that they just can’t take anything from the Gu house.” Everybody whispered among themselves.

The former Princess Zi had demanded such a punishment instead of asking for the death sentence.

“Everything that they’re wearing is from the Gu house.”

“So… It’s going to be a great show.”

“The former Princess Zi is in a terrible mood after being abandoned. She certainly didn’t hesitate to act against them.”

Ye Yunshu, Gu Zongxiong and Gu Zongxiong were escorted out.

Gu Bailu was standing with Ah Luo.

Smiling, she watched as they were escorted out, and was satisfied that she had avenged her mother in this world.

“Gu Bailu, you set me up! I’m innocent!”

“Stop screaming!” One of the guards slapped Gu Wanqin in the face, and it immediately became swollen.

Gu Bailu said expressionlessly, “Take off all their clothes; those belong to the Gu house.”