Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 415 - I Can Vent My Fury Elsewhere

Feng Qingtian said that he would listen to her if she seduced him with her feet.

Feeling gloomy, Gu Bailu was about to push the little fox away, when the door suddenly opened and Ye Yunshu charged in. She screamed at what she saw.

Gu Bailu pushed the little fox aside and combed back her messy hair. “Why are you screaming? Do you want everybody in town to know what the two of you have been up to?”

“You little b*tch! Why are you with him?” Ye Yunshu looked at her, full of hate.

She was wearing a plain dress and a pair of boots that were designed for long-distance walking.

“Why am I with him? Because he works for me in the first place.” Gu Bailu sniffed. “What a shame. I thought I would be able to play with you for a while longer.”

Flushing, Ye Yunshu looked at the little fox. “Tell me it’s not true! Tell me that you love me!”

The little fox was still caught up in the intimacy of a moment ago, and had no time for Ye Yunshu. “She’s my lady. Get out of here.”

Ye Yunshu shouted, “You ungrateful man! I gave you everything I had, and I even planned to take you away for a better life. This is how you repay me?”

Unable to take the blow, Ye Yunshu lunged at the little fox as if she were deranged.

She had reasonably good spiritual power, and the little fox was tackled before he realized it. He had never seen Ye Yunshu act so wildly before.

Ye Yunshu had always been gentle toward her young lover, and did everything she could to make him smile.

She had long grown tired of Gu Zongxiong, and the little fox brightened up her life when he appeared.

She never felt as alive as when she was with him.

She had planned everything and stolen whatever she could get her hands on in the Gu house, just to run away with her lover.

The more she thought about it, the angrier Ye Yunshu became. She scratched the little fox.

There was a yellow flash, and Ye Yunshu turned completely stiff, unable to move anymore.

Gu Bailu looked at her in amusement. “How can you bear to hurt such a beautiful lover?”

Gu Bailu helped the little fox back to his feet, and he said in shock, “Women are horrifying when they go mad.”

“That’s nothing. I can be more horrifying than her.”

The little fox’s eyes widened. He found it impossible to imagine what his lady would look like when she went crazy.

But he believed that she would still be cute.

Gu Bailu patted his head with a smile. “You go down and entertain the guests first. I’ll talk to her.”


The little fox hurried off, unwilling to look at Ye Yunshu at all.

Ye Yunshu roared, “Gu Bailu, you b*tch, give him back to me.”

Gu Bailu patted her face and said sharply, “Mrs. Gu, haven’t you realized that I sent him to you? You must love him very much to give him all your possessions.”

“You… That’s impossible. He loves me. He likes my type…”

“He likes women who are ungrateful and disloyal, or who are stupid enough to give him all their stores and jewelry?” Gu Bailu sat down nearby.