Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 412 - The Sooner, the Better

Furthermore, the stranger had come out of the Gu house, where the former Princess Zi, who had been kicked out, now lived.

A man coming out of her house at such a late hour would inevitably draw attention.

“Who’s that man? He’s quite handsome. Did Princess Zi land another guy so quickly?”

“He has quite a lot of spiritual power. I don’t think he’d be interested in a piece of trash.”

“The former Princess Zi was trained by Prince Zi and must be great in bed. Maybe he likes that.”

“Ah, that’s Wang Dachong from the Wang family. Princess Zi almost married him last time.”

“Bullsh*t. Wang Dachong is too fat to get out of bed. How can that be him?”

“He was cured. He’s the one holding up the Wang family right now. What do you know?”

“Who cured him?”

“The former Princess Zi.”

Everybody was lost for words.

Nobody dared to say that Princess Zi was useless anymore, since she had managed to contract Yin Neng and cure Wang Dachong.

Everybody dispersed. Although she was just the former Princess Zi, she wasn’t someone that could be taken advantage of.

Her teahouse had charged Prince Zi twenty thousand silver taels for two cups of tea, but Prince Zi didn’t say anything.

They didn’t dare gossip about Gu Bailu anymore, but word soon spread to Prince Zi’s house.

“Wang Dachong? He isn’t dead yet?” Feng Qingtian gripped his wine cup so tightly that it broke in his hand.

He had spared Wang Dachong in the beginning because the latter was innocent and had been dying, but the man had made a comeback!

“The princess cured him. He probably remembers the favor, and is quite nice to the princess.”

“So nice that he plans to marry her?” Feng Qingtian grew cold. “Create some trouble for the Wang family so that he doesn’t have time to go to the Gu house.”

“Yes, sir…” Qin Shou was a little worried.

My lord, she’s the former princess and has nothing to do with you now. Is this really appropriate?

“She’s quite popular. All kinds of men are chasing her now that she’s separated from me.”

Feng Qingtian gave it a lot of thought, but couldn’t think of anything.

Qin Shou hurriedly reported, “According to our investigation, the princess has said that she won’t marry again.”

“I know that she won’t marry again, but I don’t like other people hitting on her.”

Qin Shou said helplessly, “Then what do you want, my lord? The new princess won’t be happy after she learns this. It’s best if you focus on just one of them.”

“Let me think for a moment. I won’t be long.” Feng Qingtian seemed to be speaking to both Qin Shou and himself.

Qin Shou wisely left the room, only to see the new princess walking over in beautiful attire.

“Princess, why are you here? The lord is still handling some issues.”

Yan Anchun smiled charmingly. “I’m here to bring the lord some refreshments and to tell him to go back sooner.”

Qin Shou cleared the way for her.

His lord seemed deeply in love with the new princess, and had done everything that she wanted.

He didn’t know exactly what was on his lord’s mind.

Standing outside the room with an expressionless face, he heard the new princess’s voice inside. “My lord, let’s go to our room. I’m ready for tonight. Haven’t you been looking forward to this day?”

Would his lord accept?

Hardly had Qin Shou thought that when Feng Qingtian replied, “Okay. The sooner, the better.”