Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 411 - I Won“t Get Married Until You Do  

“I don’t have so many stores, and I don’t need all the managers. You’re the head of your family now, right?”

Wang Dachong was the last person in the Wang family who had a right to the position.

So, after he recovered, he naturally became the head.

“Yes. You… You can talk to me if you need anything…” Wang Dachong stammered and blushed as Gu Bailu approached him.

“Okay, I’ll go to you if I need help. Don’t be like this. Just treat me as a friend, okay?”

Wang Dachong nodded hard. “Good… Good friend.”

Gu Bailu burst into laughter. “You’ve had women before. Why are you still so innocent? You should marry. You need a woman to help you run the Wang family.”

“I don’t need to get married.” Wang Dachong suddenly grew solemn.

He didn’t look as carefree as just a moment ago.

“Well… don’t worry, most women don’t carry that sort of disease.”

Gu Bailu wondered if he was too scared to touch women anymore, which would be a shame.

“What about you? Will you marry again?” Wang Dachong looked at her and asked solemnly.

Gu Bailu tilted her head and looked at him. “No. A woman shouldn’t serve two husbands.”

She had the faint feeling that Wang Dachong would immediately propose if she said that she would like to get married again.

Her instincts had become particularly sharp after she opened her Heavenly Eye, so she would rather not give him hope.

“Then I won’t marry anyone,” said Wang Dachong firmly.

Gu Bailu scratched his head. “But your family is very big, and it will be very tiresome for you to you take care of it on your own.”

“I’m not scared of exhaustion, not after I died once already.” There was stubbornness in Wang Dachong’s eyes.

Gu Bailu slapped the table and said, “Well said! I was right about you! When will the managers be here?”

“I’ll send them here the moment I return.” Wang Dachong stood up.

He had hoped to stay for a while longer, but he had to carry out this mission for his goddess.

Gu Bailu sighed secretly. He was a good man, but she didn’t want to get married again.

She could see into Wang Dachong’s heart easily with her Heavenly Eye.

Wang Dachong was a reliable man.

He soon returned with a few managers. Gu Bailu had thought that he wouldn’t come in person again, but he did.

It was dinnertime, so she had to invite this loyal friend to stay for dinner.

The cooks in the house had just been replaced, and what they made was pretty good, but for some reason, Gu Bailu remembered the noodles that Feng Qingtian had made for her.

She felt horrible again.

The teahouse scene popped into her head again. Gu Bailu shook her head and hardened her heart.

Do not remember gentleness that doesn’t belong to you.

Wang Dachong left behind a bunch of gifts before he departed, which included accessories, clothes, and makeup.

It seemed that he had chosen all the gifts himself, since they all suited her very well.

“Take them. He owes me one, anyway.” Gu Bailu had the maids move the items into storage.

It was already dusk by the time Wang Dachong left.

People tended to gossip when they saw a strange face in Pale Emperor City.