Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 410 - Wang Dachong Is Here  

She was now all by herself and had many enemies, so she had to do something to protect herself.

That woman, in particular, wouldn’t tolerate her.

For some reason, while she was supposed to hate that woman, she found it impossible to.

After all, that woman was Feng Qingtian’s rightful lover, and Gu Bailu was the thief.

Gu Bailu put up the arrays and set up a few teleportation points near the Gu house as easy escape routes.

Finally, she could stop worrying.

Mrs. Li asked the agents to bring the new servants over.

Gu Bailu interviewed them and picked several obedient ones, two slippery ones, and a few smart ones.

The servants couldn’t all be loyal and dutiful. The slippery ones would be responsible for running errands, and the obedient ones would stay and work in the house.

While it was easy to hire servants, hiring managers was a different matter altogether. Most experienced managers were already employed.

While the little fox was smart, it was impossible for him to run so many stores at the same time.

How could she make money without managers?

While she was worrying over this, a butler came in and reported, “A guest is here to see you, my lady.”

“Who is he?” Someone was actually visiting her right after she took over the Gu house.

“Well… He claims to be from the Wang family, and he looks decent, but I’ve never seen him before.” The butler hesitated.

“That’s fine. I’ll know who he is after I take a look at him.”

The previous leaders of the Wang family had either been killed or crippled by Prince Zi.

Entering the drawing room, Gu Bailu saw a tall and scholarly man in a white robe with a piece of jade at his waist and a folded fan in his hand.

“May I know who you are?” Gu Bailu asked.

The man turned around, revealing a handsome face. “I’m Wang Dachong. I’m here to visit my lifesaver now that she has returned.”

Gu Bailu got goosebumps all over her body. “Can you talk normally?”

Wang Dachong looked pretty good after slimming down.

However, the way he talked was a little strange.

“Huh? Normally? Is this abnormal?” asked Wang Dachong cautiously.

He didn’t dare be too casual in front of his goddess.

“We can just talk like friends. You’re a few years older than me. Don’t talk as if I’m your senior.” Gu Bailu sat down.

Wang Dachong smiled innocently. “I didn’t realize you were referring to that, lifesaver.”

“My name is Gu Bailu, and it’s true that I wanted you to return the favor when I saved you, but I don’t want you to call me a lifesaver.”

Wang Dachong said, “Okay…”

He hadn’t talked to many people during the years he had been bedridden, so he didn’t know how to talk to his goddess.

Amused, Gu Bailu approached him and said, “Make yourself at home, and tell me what you need. I’m quite worried right now. I have a few stores, but I don’t have managers for them. Isn’t the Wang family a famous business family? Do you have any managers available?”

Gu Bailu didn’t hesitate to ask. She had rescued the man precisely to help herself.

Wang Dachong nodded and said quickly, “Yes, you can have as many as you want.”